Adrian Silvole: – We had to postpone the transfer plans

Adrian Silvole: - We had to postpone the transfer plans

In January it became known that Reality Profile and Artist Adrien Seville (23) I decided to move from Norway. According to the plan, he had to move to Spain to find new inspiration for his debut album.

At the time, he had no firm plan on how long he would be in the warmer regions. But there was no move on the 23-year-old.

– Put it on hold

This week was the premiere of the silver talk show “Harm & Hegseth”. For this occasion, of course, many famous faces appeared, among them Sellevoll.

He can tell Dagbladet in more detail why he hasn’t moved to Spain.

Best friends were: Henrik Elvejord Borg and Adrian Sellevoll became best friends when they both participated in the first season of “Ex on the Beach”. Now they have cut off contact. Reporters: Stephen Petersen/Thea Hope. Video: Discovery + / Ken Falch
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It had to do with priorities. My friend admitted it was there for a month, but we had to put it on hold because there was so much to do here at home.

– I thought we were going to go there and make an album, but we didn’t have time for that, so we have to take it again, he added.

– Do you think it will happen in the near future?

– I don’t know exactly when that will be, but we are thinking of going to a better region of Spain and maybe a trip to the USA.

exciting plans

The TV profile explained that he had recently moved from Holmenkollen and now settled in Frogner in Oslo. In other words, he has no plans to move immediately.

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– At least we’ll just see. He told Dagbladet there would be no transfer yet.

Collaborators: Emil Gukild sells the apartment, and moves in with his girlfriend, Linnéa Myhre. Video: Rød Løper / Dagbladet TV
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Although the 23-year-old will be staying in Norway for a while, he can reveal that he has a lot of exciting things going on.

– Now the EP is finished immediately and will actually be released on April 8th. He revealed that there will also be a new song tonight, so there is a lot of music material now, and there will be a lot more at the end.

Sellevoll has made no secret of the fact that there may also be some form customizations.

– There are some modeling materials too. I lived in Milan, and now they might want me to go to New York too. So we’ll see what happens, he concluded.

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