Offered nearly 300 rooms and housing for refugees – Dagsavisen

Offered nearly 300 rooms and housing for refugees – Dagsavisen

The response of the citizens exceeds all expectations in every way. This shows that there is plenty of heart space among Stavanger residents, and that willingness to help is great, Mayor Carrie Nysa Nordton says in a press release.

The municipality is provided with everything from stand-alone housing units to families with children that provide one or more bedrooms with themselves and their families.

– At the moment, it is not clear how many refugees will come to Stavanger, where and when they will settle. It’s still good to have this overview of potential housing offers, so that we are ready to receive quickly and well those that we will settle with us, says Eric Thorsen Hirth, Head of Real Estate in Urban Environment and Development.

What will happen now?

The municipality initially decided to use only detached housing units (i.e. apartments, basements, townhouses, etc. not dwellings, basements and single rooms in a house.) At the time of writing, the municipality was offered 106 such homes.

Owners of the relevant housing units will be contacted on an ongoing basis if necessary. It wouldn’t be appropriate to get into an agreement on everyone at once, but we’ll get to work on leases soon, says Thorsen-Heart.

It is the refugee service that allocates housing and an inspection will be carried out before entering into a tenancy agreement with the municipality.

The municipality of Stavanger will be the tenant and sub-tenant for the new tenants. The term of the lease contract concluded by the municipality is one year. So it may be appropriate to serve refugees to use refugee homes other than Ukrainians, if we don’t get as many people as possible to settle in as planned, or if they don’t stay in Norway for a long time.

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Appointment continues

It is not yet known how many refugees Stavanger will settle. Therefore, the mapping of available homes continues.

– If you have had the opportunity to rent your house on the private market before you hear from us in the municipality, they should, of course, do so. We have no guarantee that we will need to rent all the apartments that have been registered, the municipality notes in the press release.

The need can also change and the municipality who has registered a rent, for example, a dormitory, a basement or a single room in the house, will contact you if the need arises.

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