-The Earth is becoming increasingly green

-The Earth is becoming increasingly green

Written by Jan Heyerdahl.

One Stady Which was published in 2016 showed that the Earth is becoming increasingly green, mainly due to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. No surprise. Carbon dioxide is the basis of photosynthesis and therefore the basis of all biological life. A recent study is now available confirming that this development is continuing.

Here the researchers claim Chen et al. al., 2024 The Earth has become greener throughout the period studied from 2001-2020. More than 55% of regions have become greener, and this is happening at an increasingly faster pace. Only about 7 percent of the Earth's surface is brown.

Kenneth Richard signs NoTricksZone The fertilizing effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide has been the dominant driver of the increase in the leaf area index (LAI) since the 1980s. Researchers estimate that carbon dioxide is responsible for 70 percent of this development.

Using data from the High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR), some studies suggest that the trend toward an increasingly greener period has slowed or even reversed. Chen et al. He cautions against this method, writing that it is known for its great uncertainty.

Using what they believe to be more reliable MODIS data, Chen et al. eel. The trend of LAI in the 21st century is “strongly positive,” and it is an indisputable fact that the Earth continues to turn increasingly green.

It is believed that the drought trends of recent decades are so weak that they can only “limit the increase” in the fertilizing effect of carbon dioxide. In this case, this means that the increasing desert expansion is local, and small compared to the prevailing trend:

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Globally, our planet is becoming greener, and this is actually happening faster and faster.

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