Crimea, Nordre Aker | Tram appeal: – It could have had much bigger consequences

Crimea, Nordre Aker |  Tram appeal: – It could have had much bigger consequences

Police and an ambulance went to Graveson on Tuesday evening in connection with a stabbing incident on a tram.

On Wednesday morning, the police stated that the accused, who was arrested at the scene of the accident, was a man in his 30s who lived in Oslo. He is already known to the police.

He did not want to give a statement to the police, police lawyer Jenny Solgaard tells Avisa Oslo.

As for the victim’s condition, he does not suffer more than a simple scratch on his body. However, the police take the incident seriously as that could have much bigger consequences.

Police say it had to do with a smaller knife that was used, but for the sake of the investigation, we don’t want to go into detail about the type of knife.

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Thea Cristina (22 years old) witnessed the stabbing: – There was no provocation whatsoever

– I mentioned yesterday that there should be no relationship between those involved, and that there should have been some kind of eye contact between the perpetrator and the victim. Does this mean that the victim was an accidental victim?

– The police are not aware of the existence of a relationship between the two parties before. As it stands now, we don’t have any information about the cause of the accident, but it will be the subject of further investigation.

Lund explains that the police are very concerned with preventing violence, particularly the use of dangerous objects such as knives, in public places.

– In this particular case, we decided to refer the accused to pretrial detention, as the police considers that there is a risk that he will commit new criminal offenses, she said.

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Watch incident leader Christopher Pang’s video about the incident below:

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