Røa crashed out of the Alpine national team – these will be offered a place next season

Røa crashed out of the Alpine national team – these will be offered a place next season
Henrik Røa is not part of the Alpine National Team in the 2023/24 season.

Henrik Røa did not make selection to the National Team in Alpine Skiing for the 2023/24 season. The fast racer broke his leg in February after a horrific fall in Kitzbühel.


The wreck became known when the Norwegian Ski Association made the announcement on Wednesday Post the list With 34 national team players. Roa has been part of Norway’s speed squad since coming in for Alexander Amodt Kelde’s injury before the toilet in 2021.

Before that, he was in and out of the national team environment. Currently, Røa is working on recovery from the calf injury he sustained in a brutal fall in the finish area of ​​a downhill race in Kitzbühel.

As usual, the national team climbers are divided into A, B, and C status.

– It is a clear target for delivery in the international arena. We have a lot of good young athletes in Norwegian alpine sports, so it is important that we can facilitate the creation of the best results at the highest level, as well as ensure the growth of new talent who will take a step forward in the future, says sports director Klaus Johan Scheek.

Maria Tviberg continues with B position even though she became world champion in parallel slalom last winter.


Status: Ragnhild Mowinckel (competitor), Kajsa Vickhoff Lie (Bærum), Mina Fürst Holtmann (Bærum), Thea Stjernesund (Hakadal).

Case B: Maria Tviberg (Geilo), Inni Holm Wembstad (Asker), Kristin Anna Lysdahl (Asker).

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Position C: Pernille Dyrstad Lydersen (Kjelsås), Marte Monsen (Aron), Andrine Mårstøl (Haugen), Mariel Kufaas (Tromsø), Blanca Westhoff Bakke (Heming), Anine Thoresen (Kongsberg).


Status: Alexander Aamodt Kilde (Lumedalen), Henrik Kristoffersen (Rollingen), Lukas Brathen (Byrom), Atlee Lee McGrath (Byrom), Alexander Steen Olsen (Kelsos), Timon Hogan (Oppdal), Rasmus Windingstad (Byrom).

Case B: Halvor Hilde Gunleiksrud (Bærum), Sebastian Foss-Solevåg (Spjelkavik), Adrian Smiseth Sejersted (Stabæk).

Case C: Kaspar Kindem (Ready), Markus Fossland (Stjørdals-Blink), Eirik Hystad Solberg (Stavanger), Fredrik Møller (Oppdal), Theodor Brækken (Ingierkollen/Rustad), Oscar Andreas Sandvik (Ready), Hans Grahl-Madsen ), Jasper and Alqvist (Hemming).


A- Status: Jesper Saltvik Pedersen (2 plugins)

Status B: Marcus Grasto Nilsson (ready), Magnus Valø Balchen (ready).


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