The Skating Association excludes Terrell Odnis Wong – this is the team of Canada and the USA

The Skating Association excludes Terrell Odnis Wong – this is the team of Canada and the USA

Tiril Udnes Weng will still be able to participate in North America.


This fall the Ski Association decided to send only highly ranked racers by presence “Red group”“Red group”The “Red Group” is a compilation of FIS results from the past calendar year, both this season and last year. The top 15 in the speed and distance races are in the “red group.” On to the six races in Canmore and Minneapolis next February. FIS and the organizer cover significant portions of the travel costs for athletes in the “Red Group”.

Terrell Udenis Wong won the World Cup last year, but has struggled for large parts of the current season due to illness. That's why she ended up outside the 'red group', and when VG spoke to Udnes Weng last week, she was determined the trip would fail.

But now she is still able to travel to Canada and the USA – unlike Jan Thomas Jensen and Ever Tyldheim Andersen, who were natural podium candidates in some of the races there.

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– Not many people qualified by being in the “Red Group,” and Tyrell is in a special position with a difficult start to the season. She has now shown that she is gradually returning to fitness, and we all know what she did last season, says national team director Ulf Morten Aune to VG.

-Is there any risk that the other contestants will be dissatisfied with excluding Odnis Wong?

– In any choice, those who are not chosen are always very disappointed. We understand that, Aoun answers.

Norway's situation before the withdrawal sparked reactions. Canadian Devon Kershaw railed against Norway in a tirade, while Americans Jesse Diggins and Ben Ogden looked clearly skeptical on Wednesday.

– How important is it for Odnes Wong to be back working in Norwegian women's cross-country skiing?

– Very important, we noticed this last weekend in Goms, says Oni.

– Lotta Odnes Wong, Anne-Kirstie Calva, Astrid Owerri-Slinde and Heidi Wong have returned to the team after suffering illness. How are they doing before the first race in eight days?

– There will be speculation, but they trained well and are healthy. It would be impossible to say now how well they will perform, but they are determined to do their best.

Norway lineup:


Kristin Stafas Skistad (Coonrod, Illinois)
Mathilde Myhrvold (Wend L)
Lotta Odnis Wong (Nice Ski)
Tyrell Udinese Wong (Nice Ski)
Anne Kirsty Calva (Londamo Ill)
Astrid Auer Slind (Obdahl Ill)
Heidi Wong (Elle Paul)

Simen Hegestad Kruger (Lin Ski)
Dedryk Tunseth (Byåsen IL)
Martin Luström Ninegate (Lillehammer)
Pal Gulberg (Gul El)
Eric Valnes (Bardufoss and Omigen IF)
Johannes Hosflot Klaebo (Byåsen IL)
Harald Ostberg Amundsen (Asker SK)
Evan Northug (Strindheim, Illinois)
Havard Solas Taugbull (Lillehammer Ski)
Ansgar Evensen (Wind IL, Team ELON Inlandet)
Matisse Steinchagen (Volebo Ski Club)

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note! Several countries will send a smaller contingent than usual. Finland and France are struggling with the economy. Finnish stars Ivo Niskanen and Krista Parmakoski drop the pitfalls.


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