Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster – VG

Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster - VG
Very popular: Many people want tickets to Taylor Swift’s concerts next year, and many who want them can’t get them.

Fans were furious and couldn’t afford tickets to Taylor Swift’s 2023 concerts. Now they’re accusing Ticketmaster of collaborating with greedy black market sharks.


The American The Department of Justice is investigating Live NationTicketmaster’s parent company thereafter They have suspended the regular sale of tickets for Taylor Swift’s tour due to overcrowding.

Now a number of fans have joined forces and are suing the company for fraud, price collusion and breach of so-called antitrust rules.

Black market sharks bought most of the tickets, and fans accused the company of deliberate deception. They do this because Ticketmaster also manages parts of the resale.

With black market sharks on most tickets, Ticketmaster will generate additional income when tickets are resold – possibly at much higher than asking prices due to demand.

In the lawsuit, it was claimed that even if there was no intentional cooperation, the company was in any case not ready for the heavy pressure. It is also an accusation made by the artist himself, according to Deadline.com.

The suit calls for Ticketmaster to be fined $2,500 for each violation, which could mean a significant amount when it comes to a major stadium concert.

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