Pay for “Bitan”

Pay for “Bitan”

After a long and turbulent process with the building authorities in Asker municipality, Elizabeth “Petan” Andreessen (63) finally received an approved application to renovate her Brunoia recreational property in Asker.

This decision was made in October. Now it seems that the municipality must also give 83,000 crowns to the artist, having emerged victorious from the case. Writes podstica.

Last month, the artist was given the green light to demolish a much-talked-about 22-square-meter outbuilding. At the same time, it was agreed to insert a new one in the same place, the same size.

– Taken for treatment

This occurred shortly after the mayor put his foot forward, overturning the municipality’s original decision to refuse to process a bid to build two homes.

This was stated in a letter from the municipality “after a renewed assessment, the municipal director has concluded that the application can still be processed.”

Elizabeth Andresen received the decision with great satisfaction at that time.

– I am very happy and relieved that I have heard, and that the complaint has been upheld. Then I hope that the process, which took a very long time, will continue, as I wrote in a short letter to Borsen.

cover expenses

The 63-year-old responsible applicant was Boxs Arkitektstudio AS, while civil engineer Nils-Jacob Lugg was responsible for the complaint. The latter was vehemently opposed to the municipality’s handling of the issue and requested an official apology. But the director of the construction case, Malvin Puroy at Asker municipality, rejected this criticism.

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– As a construction case authority in a situation where the responsible applicant is responsible for the construction issue, only the relevant company we have contacted, Bjorøy tells Budstikka regarding the latest development.

According to the newspaper, Asker municipality will therefore cover the construction case fees and architects’ expenses incurred by Andreassen in connection with the appeal case.

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