Something similar to love – VG

Something similar to love - VG
Fallout: Sondre Lerche’s Easter card is digital this time around, but he promises to come back even stronger next year.

Sondre Lerche is haunted by the forces of darkness and finds an impressive career peak.


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Album: Pop
Sonder Lerchy
“Avatars of Love”

“The Light / You Need / Exists” is the fiery songwriter Helge Torvunds in his most philosophical form.

Instagram users’ love of sharing gave the poem small shots of hope worthy of eternal life.

Sondre Lerche’s new album is the opposite of Torvund’s pressed optical fountains. Pity is the same. sound controls Little Different. The setting is emotionally gray.

Previous version, “patience” was perfect Point for the trilogy that eventually became The way out of the relationshipto the last and out of it too.

Two years later, the I-person reflects on texts what it was like, while slipping into something else and new. Both figuratively and concretely.

The result is larger, more powerful, and vaguely different from previous versions, especially in arrangements and production. Not least in the use of time.

“Avatars of Love” publishes 14 songs over the course of 85 minutes, cannot be placed on CD and is likely to be a 3D album like vinyl. Soon 40 years Lerche Dances with reverberation filled with ores, double vocal features, fluttering guitars and strings. Guitars and bass Serge Gainsbourg drawn to madness and magic

And every minute is worth it.

The songs, many times past the ten-minute mark, hover in random and less random conditions in the subtle gray nooks and crannies of the night.

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Always in search of love in all its forms. Almost never in the right places. All the time like a sleepy drowsiness Bossa Nova With candid papers, with a nod to the entire pop culture.

“Now She Sleeps Beside Me” lends inspiration to Leonard Cohen’s “Susan” song. The title track begins with a paraphrase of “Notting Hill” – “I’m just a guy standing in front of a girl”, then slips into The perfect boys story for pet shop Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe did not hesitate to write.

All can be one Joao GilbertoOwls for Norwegian Winter Nights are scholarly, overwhelming, all-encompassing and wonderful.

It may seem that many songs are intertwined in Lerch’s life. The opening “Guarantee I’ll Be Loved” appears to be autobiographical intertwined with all of his public affairs, as the descent of the last verse would probably make someone want clarification from the artist about what poetry and damned lies are in this.

An impressively long, but partly repetitive career, topped by a massive and powerful album that in every way represents something completely different. Who uses all the carnivores, speculators, sorrows etc., before it all culminates in the delicious Aurora Duet song “Alone in the night”. A coda where everything is muted and dim, while the sound and memories persist.

the darkness he is The need is there.

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