News, Emily Neering | Emily (26 years old) was chosen as the second most beautiful woman in the world: – Nice for an ordinary girl like me

News, Emily Neering |  Emily (26 years old) was chosen as the second most beautiful woman in the world: - Nice for an ordinary girl like me

Mirror, mirror, on the wall there – who is the most beautiful in this country?

According to TC Candler, Hønefoss Emilie “Voe” Nereng (26 years old) is not only the second most beautiful woman in the world, but also the second most beautiful woman in the world.

It is so much fun to be number 2 in the selection. It’s great to have you on the list for the sixth year in a row, Nereng tells Ringerikes Blad after the site became known on Tuesday.

Hit the stars of the world

Every year, the 100 most beautiful people of the year or the most beautiful are chosen by the Instagram account TC Candler, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram. TC Candler is also on YouTube, where they post videos where the nominee or winner is revealed. For the sixth time, Nereng in competition.

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This year she ended up in second place among the 100 most beautiful faces.

Nering knocks out famous faces like Natalie Portman, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande. In the first place we find Lisa or Lalisa Manopal as it is already called. She is a Thai singer and dancer.

I’ve never been second before! Nering thinks it’s cute for a regular girl like me from Hønefoss.

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Niering points out that Lisa Manoban, primarily the artist, has 70 million followers on Instagram.

While I was following her live in the survey with 138,000 followers. And she says to the local newspaper, so that those who give this award know who I am, it’s so much fun.

Nobody knows who is behind the global selection, but Nering suspected last year that one of the jury members had links to Norway.

Do you now know who is behind the award?

I’ve exchanged some messages with the tccandler’s Instagram account, but I have no idea who’s behind it, no, says Nereng.

big compliment

I can’t call it a “real” award, but it’s clearly a huge compliment to be noticed and drawn to this award along with many of the world’s top stars, Neering told Ringerikes Blad when she was nominated in April last year.

Most of all, she said, this was just fun.

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