“Famous Farm”: Guardian Harry Ficken revealed

“Famous Farm”: Guardian Harry Ficken revealed

“Farmen kjendis” participant Bahare Viken (30 years old) had a close relationship with food influencer Emilie Voe Nereng (28 years old) during the recording of this year’s season. Earlier in the season, Neering won a duel against Kristen Gelsvik.

According to tradition, Niering had to spend a night in the giant cabin before the duel. A duelist is always allowed to have visitors before a duel, but Viken also illegally visited Neering in the giant cabin, he wrote. Daily newspaper.

It has been set

Viken himself confirms this to the newspaper.

– I will not hand over others here, but perhaps I can say that illegal visits occurred every week. It was about the fact that the official visit is quite “stagnant” and does not last long. “You won't get much of it,” she tells Dagbladet.

The Farm has rules regarding which areas participants can move around.

According to Viken, the visit lasted 30 to 40 minutes. A guard, who was patrolling the area, discovered that Viken was on an illegal visit. Viken claims that the visit did not affect the competition in any way.

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Ensures safety

The accident had no consequences for Viken.

TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, confirms that many of the participants were discovered when they were in an illegal area.

– Participants are given outer boundaries where they can move freely. Guarding during registration is a top priority, but guards are on site primarily to ensure the safety of participants. The rule is that participants may not visit the Giants, but they are not locked up, so if they choose to violate the rules we have agreed upon, we cannot always prevent that, Dahl tells Dagbladet.

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