Shall we dance all the stars, come out

Shall we dance all the stars, come out

H3 ARENA/FORNEBU (Nettavisen): On Saturday evening, the stage was set to broadcast a celebrity-packed “Shall We Dance” show whenAdditional “All Stars” celebrities appeared on the dance floor with the participants.

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In addition to several “Shall We Dance” comebacks on the dance floor, the stage was also set for the season’s first dance relay as the pairs danced to get the final points from the judges. There was Catherine Moholt (49) and Alexander Hetland (39) who ended up at the bottom of the list.

After adding viewers’ points along with the judges’ points, there was, on the other hand, a duel between Catherine Moholt (49) and Nate Kahongo (25), in which the first person eventually had to see himself expelled from the competition.

– I am very happy and I am very grateful. “Shall we dance” is one of the most fun things I’ve done in my entire life, said Moholt, still satisfied after the decision was clear.

Watch the full interview with Catherine Moholt and her dance partner Tarjej Svalastog:

It ended up at the bottom of the list

Despite the fact that Moholt had to see himself knocked out of the dance competition, as we mentioned, Alexander Hetland was also at the bottom of the scoreboard on Saturday night.

Despite the fact that the dance duo served fiery samba, Hetland and her dance partner Helene Spilling didn’t impress the dance judges this Saturday. And they did not do this during the dance relay, since the couple could not score a single point.

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The letter was ready and the package complete. I am very humbled that people are voting. I don’t have much to say, Hetland stated during the broadcast.

Watch the full interview with Alexander Hetland below:

Make the rulers gasp

Others who have continued to impress rulers include Genghis Al (25) and Jurgen Massa Vasstrand (33). The latter made both the audience and the judges gasp with an unusual thrust.

Can we have a moment of silence for this jump? asked Morten Hegseth after the trio performed intense salsa.

You can read all about the evening dances over here!

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