Oslo, Health | If you need a cough syrup, you may be in trouble: – It’s empty

Flu season is approaching: According to the FHI, it usually begins in November, before peaking around Christmas time.

It’s been two years since Norway had its last proper flu season, but the flu is back and health authorities are expecting a pandemic this winter, NTB writes.

So it’s the bad news that pharmacies are out of cough syrup.

– There is an ongoing shortage nationwide, says Vitusapotek’s press contact, Camila Tully For Avisa Oslo.

Empty shelves

The shortage of cough syrup applies to brands Cosylan and Solvipect comp. Camila Tully says this is due to delivery problems from the manufacturer, and a lack of raw materials.

We are in the beginning of cold and flu season now, and more customers are ordering products. Some pharmacies have merchandise in stock, and if not, pharmacists check stock at nearby pharmacies.

The two types of largely sold cough syrups can only be obtained with a prescription, but:

Fortunately, there are many good over-the-counter alternatives that can provide relief as well, but they don’t contain the same active ingredients, says Vitusapotek’s press contact.

Also at Apotek 1, the vast majority of pharmacies are Cosylan-free, says press director Silje Ensrud.

She adds that the supplier has problems with delivery, but that this is expected in week 49.

Pharmacies have over-the-counter medications, like children’s cough syrup and Bergen chest balm, Insrud says.

Boots Pharmacy also stated that it is empty:

– Blank for both Cosylan and Solvipect Comp. We have over-the-counter cough suppressants in stock, which can be alternatives, says Ann-Margaret Alden Thun, director of communications at Boots Pharmacy.

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She advises them to ask their doctor or pharmacist for advice on alternative treatments.

Sold because of nasal spray

It can also be difficult to get the nasal spray off during the day.

This is confirmed by Kine Søyland, Head of Communications at NorgesGruppen. NorgesGruppen owns, among other things, the Kiwi, Meny, Spar and Joker grocery chains.

– It is true that it was sold from time to time. Not because we lack access to merchandise, but because we sold more than expected. She says there has been a huge demand for the nasal spray.

Søyland says stocks will be replenished within one to two weeks.

– They are not necessarily sold everywhere, and they are in any case temporary and transitory, she asserts.

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