News, Events | Got a message about canoe trouble at Arna: two men reported

News, Events |  Got a message about canoe trouble at Arna: two men reported

At 2147, emergency services received a message from a man standing on the shore who saw two people in a boat, who then appeared to be in trouble. They should have noticed that the men were not wearing life jackets.

They are said to have been between Carnestangen and House i Arna.

Police and fire department under the leadership of Central Rescue Center were involved in the rescue operation.

According to the duty commander of 110 Central Shahruz Lahoudi, the fire service dispatched a boat from Gnarvik and a surface rescue team from Arna station.

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The operation revealed that the two men on the boats were not directly in trouble, but the police still did not care what was happening on the boat.

Operations manager Knut Dahl-Michelson says two drunk men in their 60s were sitting inside.

– They could not stay at sea. And they don’t have life jackets.

Men have complained about this.

When police contacted them, they were about fifty meters from shore, says the operations manager.

– They started a big rescue operation, but they didn’t report about it, he adds.

BA Corrects: We first quoted the rescue manager at the main rescue center as saying that “everything was fine” in the canoe, in the sense that people were wearing life jackets. This is not true, and men are said not to bring underwear. Error corrected on 19.08.2023 2246.

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