One million unfertilized cats in the UK:

One million unfertilized cats in the UK:

In late February, the British animal protection organization RSPCA was able to report that the UK was experiencing what they call the “cat breeding outbreak”.

According to a spokesman for the RSPCA, more than a million cats are on the prowl, leading to a herd of cats on the streets.

According to the RSBCA, the number of castrations has dropped from 91 per cent to 86 per cent. This is a level not seen in the last 9 years.

– Although the decrease in the number of nutrients is small, it is similar to many unrestrained cats. This means that if this number drops further, there is a risk of cat breeding outbreaks, says Samantha Watson, a cat health expert at RSPCA. The Independent.

Long waiting queues

Infection is often the cause for a large number of cats. When the community closed as a result of Govt-19, the demand for pets increased. But the closure should also have implications for the availability of veterinary services.

– This led to long waiting lists for routine procedures such as castration. This could lead to the birth of a greater number of unwanted litter, which Watson explains would increase the pressure on animal welfare systems.

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The RSPCA says it took in more than 4,000 homeless cats last year.

Many cat health organizations are now encouraging owners to sterilize four-legged pets from the age of four months before they become pregnant, The Independent reports.

Stinging cats

Like the United Kingdom, there is a growing demand for cats as family animals in Norway during corona epidemics.

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– So far, Norwegian veterinarians seem to have no problem sterilizing these cats, and if the owner wants to do so, the Norwegian General Manager for Animal Welfare, Ashild Rல்lchet, informs Dockbladet.

Rollsdale, a veterinarian by profession, says many cats are born each year in Norway.

Veterinary Medicine: Ashild Rல்lchet is the general manager of Tyrebeskitselson Norg.  Photo: Håkon Sparre

Veterinary Medicine: Ashild Rல்lchet is the general manager of Tyrebeskitselson Norg. Photo: Håkon Sparre
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– That’s why we enjoy biting cats that no one likes. The problem of homeless cats in Norway is huge and completely free from infection.

Two to several hundred

According to Rolls-Royce, increasing the number of cats at the same time that fewer cats are being spayed will soon lead to a drastic increase in the number of homeless cats.

When two unfertilized cats breed and do not sterilize offspring, the number can turn into several hundred cats in a few years. If these people live as homeless, it will cause great suffering to many people.

Rolls-Royce says it generally seems that you are better at sterilizing your cat in the UK than in Norway.

– Therefore, he explains that the problem of homelessness continues to be big in Norway.

Important with identity

According to Rollset, the epidemic has led to an increase in demand for cats and other domestic animals in Norway as well.

– If the cat owner is not responsible and ensures that the cat is sterilized, this could lead to an increase in the number of cats that are not conceived in Norway. In addition, it is important for the cat to be ID-coded, among other things, so that the cat and owner can be reunited if the cat goes missing.

– How would you describe the conditions when raising and sterilizing cats here in Norway?

– Unfortunately, we do not know much about the proportion of Norwegian cats that are neutered each year. But in our opinion this process is done in most cats that live as part of a family.

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Nevertheless, the number of cats receiving assistance from Norway for animal care is increasing every year. By 2020, more than 6,000 cats have received assistance from local branches of Dyrebeskytelsen Norge.

– There are more and more cats who need our help every year. But the explosion of capacity at our local branches means we can not help everyone in need, says Rolls-Royce DocPlate.

Think carefully in advance

Finally, we asked Rolls-Roy what advice he would give to those who have had a cat during an outbreak and who want to go to the owner.

Caring for a cat and other domestic animals is a long-term task, but one that can bring great joy. In everyday life and during the holidays, it is important to think carefully about whether this applies to the cat in the family, before proceeding with the Rolls-Royce:

– Know that there are costs involved in keeping an animal, including costs for livestock and insurance. For cats, insemination and identification are important measures to avoid homelessness and suffering.

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