News, housing and property | The construction of the new Rima store is now underway

News, housing and property |  The construction of the new Rima store is now underway

– Construction is underway. We will set the opening date a little later in the construction period, that’s the message from Vidar Sølvskudt, Enterprise Manager at Rema 1000.

In 2013, Rema bought 1,000 plots of land in Ørebekk with the aim of establishing a new grocery store. Last summer, Fredrikstad Bled was able to report that the start of construction was imminent.

– wonderful site

– We weren’t in a rush, but always thought this was a great site in terms of grocery shopping. Here there is easy access from Mosevian, and very good visibility for anyone driving in both directions. We imagine a lot of people will stop buying here,” Sølvskudt said at the time.

The shop has an area of ​​about 1,300 square meters, and is located right next to Musivian – right behind the Pankovian self-service gas station.

It is the Rema 1000 store in Storveien by Ørebekk that will eventually move to the new building. Then the business in Storveien will be closed.

Nice collection of shops

As Fredrikstadblad said previously, there’s likely to be a great selection of grocery stores in the area where the new Rima store is now on the way:

Before, there is an additional store in Bancovian (which still has a lease for a few more years). In addition, there will be another additional store in the mascot building across from Mosevian. Here, the opening is planned for September.

In addition, the Kiwi chain plans to set up a Kiwi store on an area of ​​about 1,300 square meters at Pancoveien 30 – between the new Rema store and the existing Extra store.

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