NHO fears rising level of conflict over wind power – E24

NHO fears rising level of conflict over wind power – E24

NHO chief Ole Erik Almlid fears a high level of conflict over energy and grid developments in the wake of protests against wind power at Fosen. Uncertainty is spreading, he says. The President of the Sami Parliament advocates for professional and legal assistance to reindeer husbandry.

NHO President Ole Eric Almeled outside the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy.
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NHO Ole Chief Erik Almlid walks out of the revolving door at the Oil and Energy Ministry after meeting Minister Terje Aasland, a door that protesters have closed for most of the past week.

They protested that two disputed wind power plants in Füssen were still operating, more than 500 days after the Supreme Court ruled that the concessions violated Sami human rights and became void.

The NHO chief believes that the Fosen case creates uncertainty for future energy development and should be resolved quickly. Both the government and NHO He advocated the development of energy and grids to ensure enough electricity for climate measures and new industry.

– What are you afraid of after the level of conflict that we have witnessed now around these two disputed wind power plants?

– The level of conflict is contagious, so important wind energy projects and investments have stopped. Uncertainty is now spreading, Al-Maleed says.

Liberal MP Anne Breivik said last week that she feared the Fossen dispute could weaken the legitimacy of future developments in renewable energy and destroy Norway’s climate goals. Al-Maleed also believes it is important for the government to end the matter as soon as possible with Sami, the reindeer herder in Füssen, and the affected businesses.

– When the government admits human rights violations, a solution must be found. I hope this can be done as quickly and responsibly as possible, and that all parties feel that the solution is something they can live with. Al-Maleed says the status quo is not a solution.

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– But at the same time as cleaning up after the Supreme Court ruling, we must remember that there is great need For more renewable energy in Norway. we have a need for 40 TWh of new energy By 2030, the Energy Commission says. Use NHO number 47 TWhHe says.

Last week, demonstrators closed the entrance to the Ministry of Oil and Energy to protest the continuation of wind power plants in Fusin.

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– must withstand discussion

– If you say no to energy and the grid, what will happen to the new industry and climate measures?

– It will have dire consequences for the business world, communities and workplaces. You can lose people, capital and industrial projects. You have to be honest about that. Of course, this does not mean that you should violate human rights, but you must do it right when developing strength and networks. So let’s get this back on track, says the NHO chief.

– Is there a risk that the level of conflict will continue to rise?

The larger community must bear the debate. We may have had a higher level of conflict because we didn’t do the job well in the past. We must show more respect to those affected by the developments. But we also have to put up with a discussion that ends in compromise, says Al-Maleed.

– We fear that uncertainty will now spread over whether both Norwegian and foreign representatives will dare to invest in northern Norway, where there are many reindeer-breeding areas, he adds.

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The speaker of the Sami Parliament wants legal help

Speaker of the Sami Parliament Selje Karen Motka representing the Norwegian National Sami Union (NSR). She feels that it has been difficult for reindeer husbandry to make its case on wind energy issues.

– The most important thing for us is that the processes guarantee human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples. Project outcomes should be determined as soon as possible. Our experience is that the interests of Sami rights holders, and the professional and financial conditions of reindeer herding have not been adequately investigated, Muotka tells E24.

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– We believe that reindeer husbandry should be given free opportunities for professional and legal assistance along the way. They are faced with large groups that have many resources and many levels of authority. She says we haven’t heard of this yet.

She says Füssen’s wind power plants consist of studies of 30 different industrial scales, as well as a number of power plants and power lines, several municipal schemes and up to 25 different companies.

– Demands to deal with reindeer herders who have had enough of daily operations, says Motka.

The government, NHO and LO all want to invest in energy-intensive activities such as electrification of oil facilities, battery and hydrogen production. The Speaker of the Sami Parliament said she was happy to take part in the dialogue.

– I’m available for meetings with both the NHO and the LO if they want to discuss our challenges, she says.

Speaker of the Sami Parliament, Selje Karen Motka (NSR).

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Many possible conflict situations

– Now is coming Øyfjellet casepower line Skydy Hammerfest And Dafei wind farm. Do you think the level of conflict will continue, or do you believe in better processes moving forward?

You mentioned some very demanding projects that we believe are at risk of violating Indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights, Motka says.

Muotka fears that some of the upcoming wind and grid projects could have massive negative consequences, and is therefore against it.

– I work in politics because I believe in the possibility of finding sustainable solutions. We can’t have it until our work is explained as a problem all the time. We need to understand that we need a future, and that our business can be protected and strengthened in the future, she says.

Building trust is crucial

Leader Truls Golosen of the Nature Conservation Society agrees with the NHO that it needs to be cleaned up quickly in Fosen. He believes that the solution must be clearly within the framework of human rights and something that reindeer husbandry can accept.

Government inaction also means the solution has to be more radical than it needs to be, Gulowsen tells E24.

Building trust is critical if there is to be peace of mind around wind energy. Now a case about the Øyfjellet power plant is also emerging, and here the state must show that it has learned from the Fosen case and take some action, he says.

Gulowsen believes that the energy industry should invest more in facilities in already established industrial zones, the so-called near winds. He is critical of continuing projects such as Statkraft’s Moifjellet plans in Bjerkreim, the Davvi project in Lebesby and new projects such as Hydro’s snow heath in Hoyanger.

– A lot of energy is needed for electrification of shelves, climatometers in industry, transport, battery and hydrogen production. Should the government, NHO and LO reconsider their plans to increase consumption?

– I think that plans to increase energy consumption are unrealistic, both in terms of production and consumption. More and more people find it useless to lay cables from the floor to the rack. We are now meeting climate goals in other ways, such as electrifying with offshore wind, carbon dioxide purification or closing fields, Golosen says.

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It’s too early to take a stand

In the Norwegian parliament on Wednesday, Oil and Energy Minister Terje Asland was asked by the Millennium Development Goals organization about pursuing the Fössen case, and whether, among other things, it would be appropriate to offer alternative pastures for reindeer herding elsewhere than in Fössen.

– We’ll find a solution for Sami Sami, the reindeer herder in Fossen, answered Asland.

It is not yet decided if the wind turbines can remain standing or if some turbines should be demolished. Asland said he asked the reindeer herders for input on the matter.

– What will be the result of the mitigation measures or what will happen to the wind power plants, it is too early to take a position, said the Minister of Oil and Energy.

Leader Truls Gulussen of the Society for Nature Conservation outside a garage in the government district during one of the protests against wind power in Füssen last week.
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