Polestar 2 has got many improvements

Polestar 2 has got many improvements

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(Elbil24): One of the good things about owning many new electric cars is that they can be retrofitted with new functions and improvements — completely without involvement from the owner or workshop staff.

The gain range is greatly improved

This is often referred to as OTA (over the air) updates, and is naturally related to the vehicle’s software and electronically controlled functions.

This time Polestar announces that it is ready to roll out a new software for Polestar 2, and the most striking news of version 2.9 is that it comes with the YouTube app.

As is well known, the Polestar 2’s infotainment department is based on Google, so maybe it’s time for YouTube to also take its own.

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Another major innovation is associated with Apple CarPlay, which is now even more integrated into the car. If you connect your iPhone, you can, for example, display maps, phone and media information on the screen in front of the steering wheel. Calls can now also be placed via the buttons on the steering wheel.

Among other improvements, Polestar particularly stands out is that range estimation – the ‘guest meter’ – is now more accurate than before, thanks in part to the fact that factors such as road conditions, air conditioning use and driving style are now taken into account.

Version 2.9 will be fully installed on all new Polestar 2 cars, and will roll out wirelessly to existing cars in the future, the company wrote in a press release.

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