Consumer Tips, Energy | European Union with new regulations on batteries. There may be an end to Apple’s battery solutions. He will be able to apply in Norway from 2024

Consumer Tips, Energy |  European Union with new regulations on batteries.  There may be an end to Apple’s battery solutions.  He will be able to apply in Norway from 2024

In the middle of the joint holiday, the Council of the European Union has adopted a tough and ambitious set of regulations for batteries that will also be implemented in Norway. reported in june Norwegian Environment Agency That proposal was on the way. By then, the proposal had passed through the European Union Parliament and was to be referred to the Council of the European Union. And now in July, I knocked there too. The proposal is broad and applies to all types of batteries throughout their life cycle.

Consumers will notice the design policy of mobile phones, for example. There will be a demand that it should be easy to change the battery in cell phones. The ability to change it yourself will give the mobile phone a longer life. At the top are requirements for effect and duration. asked Apple to comment on the policy and explain how to meet the requirements, without succeeding in eliciting an answer. However, Apple launched a self-service repair program that would enable owners to repair their phones themselves a few years back. Whether this will meet the requirements of the European Union or not Macworld online magazine I’m not sure at all.

The battery goes through QR codes

But the requirements won’t only apply to cell phones. There will be requirements for batteries for everything from electric bicycles to cars. They should get safer and reduce their fire demands.

“Battery manufacturers need to be transparent about production and extraction of raw materials in countries inside and outside the EU. QR codes for batteries and ‘digital product passports’ for batteries will be offered, which will make it easy to obtain information about the environment, repairs, history and more,” writes the Norwegian Environment Agency.

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There will also be stricter requirements for material recycling.

Batteries are key to decarbonization and the EU’s transition to zero emissions in transport. But batteries also contain many valuable resources and we should be able to reuse raw materials instead of relying on supplies from third world countries. The new rules will make the EU more competitive and ensure batteries are sustainable, says Spain’s Environment and Climate Minister Teresa Ribera in a statement. Press release from the Council of the European Union.

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Valid in Norway from 2024

The regulation will be implemented in Norway in the regulation of new batteries. The Norwegian Environment Agency aims to adopt this in the summer of 2024. In the next five years there will be a number of basic regulations under the Battery Regulations, which will provide more complementary and complementary requirements, it seems.

Currently, an advanced electric vehicle battery material recycling facility has been set up in Fredrikstad. The regulations will help ensure that materials from there can be used in new electric vehicle batteries, so that the overall environmental impact associated with the batteries is lower.

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