January 28, 2023


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Nice breakfast in the kitchen: Would you like to start your day full of color or calm?

Nice breakfast in the kitchen: Would you like to start your day full of color or calm?

This is a blog post from Colorful.

Did you sleep well and had a great start to your day?

In most homes there is a place where we can gather before the day begins. Maybe the place is a complete mess – people running in and out while packed lunches and slices of bread wind up on the floor with the butter side down? Perhaps it is a place of silence, with coffee and the newspaper of the day, and a radio dozing in the background? Or maybe you get a great mix of these two scenarios, depending on whether it’s a weekday or a weekend?

For many, a quiet start to the day is best. For others, it’s a far-fetched dream! Photo: Per-Eric Jaeger

– No matter how you start your day, that’s what we call LIVING! The collective word for the color of 2022 is precisely the word “live” and it relates, among other things, to the importance of having a common meeting place during the day. And it doesn’t have to be for breakfast, says Till O. Henningsen.

She is a creative leader at Fargerike and in this article she takes a look at the gathering places that have become her favorites through the ages.

– It is in these houses that you will find inspiration for a beautiful start to the day, and perhaps it is especially important now that the morning is dark and cold.

Photo: Per-Eric Jaeger

inside and outside: The poo doesn’t invite long conversations and meals, but it’s perfect for those of us who need a quick bite to eat before a run.

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The calm color of the Aura FR1354 gives everything a comfortable frame.

Photo: Per-Eric Jaeger

blue hour: Cool blue is a favorite of Norwegians, but can it get too cold? not necessarily.

He is in this delicate room the darkness The floor is of brown stained oak that adds warmth and character to the room. The wall color is called Dusty Blue FR1430.

Photo: Sveinung Brathen

red tones: Are these the red tones you enjoy the most? Yes, then red should be chosen for the most important room in the house. Did you know that food is better digested in rooms with this color?

Photo: Per-Eric Jaeger

beautiful and green: Lush green colors are one of the big trends of the day. It has grown in our homes and on all surfaces. We designed this beautiful room for the colors of the year 2019.

The FR1460 silver green is dominant and defines the warmth we find here.

Photo: Sveinung Brathen

summer morning: Do you want sun, joy and laughter? Then you should choose yellow – it is a sure winner for a festive room! By adding beige details, an explosive color can also create calm and harmony.

Photo: Per-Eric Jaeger

A new beginning: Is there anything clean and pretty like all-white furniture and freshly cut pinewood floors and tables in the cabin? Here we can literally smell green soap and fresh bread! Who was with the baker before everyone got up?

Photo: Per-Eric Jaeger

Finally: Is the blue and white combo a winner? In this classic and beautiful room, the day can start with airy colors and a cup of freshly ground coffee!

Whether you’re human A or B: Seize the morning!

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