Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz Beckham share their wedding photos

Nicola and Brooklyn Peltz Beckham share their wedding photos

This weekend, a number of celebrities gathered in Palm Beach, Florida to celebrate wedding To Brooklyn Beckham (23) and Nicola Peltz (27), who ran for more than three days.

According to the sources People There should be approximately 600 people at the venue during the wedding ceremony.

Now the couple shares photos from the big day, which were immortalized by the fashion magazine Vogue.

Thanks to the billionaire father

Actress Nicolas wore a custom-made Valentino wedding dress, while Brooklyn wore a Dior suit, Vogue reports.

In the caption, the newlyweds Beckham wrote: “Mr. & Mrs. Peltz Beckham”, which probably means that the two chose to take each other’s nicknames.

Nicola is the daughter of businessman Nelson Peltz, who is supposed to have a fortune of $1.6 billion Forbes.

On Instagram, the bride made sure to thank her father for the celebration: “Thank you for the most beautiful weekend of my life. You are the wind under my wing ».

Brooklyn’s father, former soccer player David Beckham, posted a photo of him and his sons, in which he congratulated Brooklyn: “We will always be by your side.”

The groom’s mother, Victoria Beckham, also publicly congratulated the couple, wishing Nicolas to “welcome the family.”

He thinks the price gives a bad taste

The price of the wedding, according to the tabloid daily Mail It was supposed to be about three million pounds, more than 30 million Norwegian kroner Interactions in social media.

Many pointed out that people are going through hard times now, especially with the war in Ukraine. One Twitter user wrote that the price of the wedding was poor, and that it was a great gesture to have a smaller wedding and donate the rest to charity.

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Several media reported that guests were encouraged to donate money to CARE, to support the Ukrainian people, instead of giving gifts to the couple.

Nicola and Brooklyn got engaged in July 2020, about six months after learning that the two had become a couple. The wedding has been postponed several times due to the Corona pandemic.

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