No one was arrested after the assassination attempts: – We have the name of the block

No one was arrested after the assassination attempts: - We have the name of the block

Police immediately described the case as an attempted murder with an unknown perpetrator. This has not changed.

Over a month ago, the police in Oslo spent significant resources investigating the case.

– I understand that it is unfortunate that the police did not arrest the perpetrator after such a long time. I understand that, says police attorney Christian Hatlow.

On two occasions, police arrested and charged two different men and later released them for attempted murder. The first man was identified by one of the two men who was badly wounded by the bullets.

Police attorney: Christian Hatlow. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten / NTB

Both are still formally charged, but after further questioning and investigation, there was no basis to request that the two be detained, Hatlow says.

– So you mean that there is someone behind it other than the two?

– Yes, says Hatlow.

unknown motive

One of the victims in the case, a 19-year-old man, has testified before Dagbladet He thinks he knows who fired the shots. The 19-year-old also says the man who fired the shot must have shouted racist remarks before the shooting.

Do you have any evidence that the motives for this are racist?

– No. No one in this case said anything to the police about racism. Hatlow says none of the victims told the police what was written in Dagbaldet.

Did you discover another motive?

I woke up to blood in the stairwell

No, and therefore we operate on a large scale. We’re not ruling anything out, but there is no indication that this is racist. We still have all the hypotheses open.

Are they random victims?

– All the time we don’t know the background to it, so we don’t know.

Police frenetic

The police in Oslo, especially the violence department, were overcrowded in the first months after the summer holidays. During 15 days in August, there were three attempted murders with firearms in Oslo. All in public.

On Sunday 15 August, two young men were seriously injured when a 34-year-old man shot them inside the subway in Skøyenåsen, east of Oslo.

Ten days later, on August 25, Trostrode was shot.

On Monday, August 30, a 20-year-old man was shot and seriously injured after staying in Prinsing, Oslo.

On Saturday last week, a man in his twenties was found with gunshot wounds in Vika.

– We have a lot to do, yes, says Hatlow.

Common in these cases is the presence of shootings in public places. These are cases that the police take seriously and are still under investigation.

In the Vika case, a man was placed under arrest on Monday. Another man was also arrested in the case, but on Tuesday police did not decide whether to bring him into custody.

– Here we have reason to believe that there are more involved, says Christian Hatlow, who is also responsible for the prosecution in this case.

The attempted murder in Trosterud is the only one of four cases in which the police have no clear idea who is behind it.

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