Corona Omicron | Several cases of the omicron variant have been detected in European countries

Corona Omicron |  Several cases of the omicron variant have been detected in European countries

Both Germany and the United Kingdom have reported cases of a new coronary mutation called omicron. Italy and the Czech Republic do the same.

Finally: two suspected cases from Omicron in Denmark.

Danish health authorities suspect two people have been infected with omicron. Both were traveling in South Africa. This was stated by the Danish Ministry of Health in a press release issued today, Saturday.

The Regional Hospital in Liberec in the Czech Republic confirmed on Saturday that a patient had contracted the omicron variant of the coronavirus.

A hospital spokesman, Vaclav Rikar, briefed the situation on Czech television on Saturday evening.

The Italian news agency reported that the Italian authorities confirmed that a case of Omicron had been recorded in the country France Press agency.

The patient and his family are in good health, according to the National Institute of Health in a statement.

seas: We know this how well we are protected from the new mutated virus

Just before 19.00 on Saturday evening, the Minister of Health of the German state of Bavaria, Klaus Holczek, confirmed that two cases of Omikron infection had been recorded.

– Holczyk told the German newspaper that a total of two passengers tested positive and were immediately sent to isolation picture.


The German authorities are still working on the analysis of samples, and in the meantime, Klose makes an appeal to the population:

– Please protect yourself and those around you. If you arrived from South Africa last week: reduce the number of close contacts and test yourself!

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proven in England

The British Minister of Health, Sajid Javid, confirmed this afternoon, Saturday, that they had been diagnosed with two cases of the new mutation.

“Both cases can be linked to travel in South Africa,” Javid wrote on Twitter.

The two cases are connected to each other, and both are now isolated at home.

– For the sake of safety, we are now beginning with targeted testing in Nottingham and Chelmsford, which are the affected areas. All positive tests will be sequenced, Javid writes.

The test sequence means that you analyze which type of coronavirus you are dealing with.

Javid writes that British authorities are now imposing travel restrictions on travelers from Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Angola. These are valid from 4:00 AM on Sunday local time.

If you have returned from any of these countries in the past 10 days, you should self-isolate and take a PCR test. If you have the opportunity to take a “booster” vaccine, now is the time to do so, he encourages.

Anyone over the age of 40 can order a booster vaccine in the UK, as long as it is at least five months since their second dose. Do not receive the same vaccine until six months after the second dose.

Several media outlets reported on Saturday that the Czech Republic had also shown the new virus variant. The State Department was previously known to advise against travel to South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Eswatini and Malawi due to the new boom.

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Still protected from serious illness

Vaccine researcher Gunnveig Grødeland previously told Nettavisen that it is uncertain what kind of effect the vaccines will have on the new alternative.

– The population between which the virus is transmitted has largely not been vaccinated, so it is uncertain how it will affect the people who have been vaccinated, as Grødeland previously explained to Nettavisen.

But she says it’s possible that the exact same thing that happened when the delta variable appeared, will happen with a new variable.

– This means that you see a slight decrease in the effect. But the advantage of coronary artery vaccines is that they trigger a T-cell response in the body. It’ll provide good protection against serious illness — almost no matter what alternative comes along, she says.


  • Omicron is a new mutation of the coronavirus.
  • It was first discovered in South Africa on November 24.
  • The sample that demonstrated the new variant was taken as early as November 9 this year.
  • It is still uncertain exactly how contagious this variant is, but more studies are underway.
  • It is also uncertain how much vaccines will affect the omicron mutation.

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