Noah Fastrand: – Idiot Roper:

Noah Fastrand: – Idiot Roper:

Over the course of four seasons, viewers got to follow the lively, close-knit Funky family in the second TV series, “Funkyfam.” The series provides an insight into the daily life of one of Norway's most popular families, which a number of viewers have enjoyed following.

The family consists of fitness influencer Jurgen Massa-Fasstrand (34), her husband Morten Sundli (34), and the four children Filippa (15), Socrates (9), Milano (5) and Indigo Ero (2).

-I don't know what kind of mother I am

In addition, Fassstrand's three brothers, twins Emil and Silas Massa Fassstrand (25 years old) and younger brother Noah Fassstrand (22 years old), are also in the series. And so is their mother, Trude Fässtrand (60 years old).

Through the series, I also got to know the twins' friends, and gained a little insight into the fact that they sometimes referred to the youngest Noah being “single forever.”

Funkivam: Who is the best celebrity with Noah Fastrand? Funkyfam Answers. Video: Jenny Emily Ace / Reality Awards
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We can probably imagine the tube getting a slightly different sound, because the last of the “Funky” guys has now also gained a strong following.

“It finally happened!,” Noah Fassstrand can lovingly tell Rod Loper, adding that he met his girlfriend Pia Ellen at work about eight months ago.

The relationship then progressed at record speed, and it didn't take long at all before they took the step from being lovers to cohabiting.

We didn't have to wait long to move in together. Both because I have terrible patience, but then I also thought 'if it doesn't work now, it won't work in two years – so we might as well try it now,' adding that he was the first to do it. To say “I love you” to the one you love.

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About female friends: - A little makeup

About female friends: – A little makeup

– But it was an accident! I thought she said it first, and then I replied “I love you too”, but she didn't say it after that… but luckily she answered it.

Elegant man, but…

And with cohabitation, it usually comes with slightly different responsibilities and obligations – which can sometimes be fertile ground for a bit of conflict; Including household chores and dividing responsibilities between the four walls of the house.

Clint: There is a tense atmosphere when Jorgen meets Emil and Silas' girlfriends in “Funkyfam”. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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To this, Fassstrand can reply that they are very good at keeping the house together, and that he is, after all, an elegant man, but…

-If you had asked someone else in the family, you might have gotten a different answer.

Reality Celebrities: Emil Massa Fassstrand, Noah Fassstrand, Jorgen Fassstrand, and Silas Massa Fassstrand starred in the docu-series.  Image: TV2

Reality Celebrities: Emil Massa Fassstrand, Noah Fassstrand, Jorgen Fassstrand, and Silas Massa Fassstrand starred in the docu-series. Image: TV2
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When asked if his girlfriend is the one he likes the most among his daughters-in-law, he smiles broadly and says he likes to think his girlfriend has a favorite stamp in the family. At least among nieces and nephews.

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