Normal Rima 1000 | Knuser Rema 1000 in price test: opens 10 new stores

Normal Rima 1000 |  Knuser Rema 1000 in price test: opens 10 new stores

Nettavisen’s extensive pricing test revealed huge price differences between the Normal and Rema 1000.

A shopping cart containing up to 60 items was around NOK 700 cheaper at Normal.

Half of the goods were between 30 and 637 percent cheaper than the Rima 1000 price.

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Waterfalls ahead

The regular chain has seen tremendous growth in recent years. In Norway, 20 new stores have opened so far this year.

Europe’s largest convenience store opened this summer. It is located at the Karl Johans Gate in Oslo.

– We notice from the audience’s response that we were able to create something that they would like to have. We also see this when malls conduct surveys. “Then people often answer normal,” Harsvik told Nettavisen when they opened the store.

Normal has also opened a store in Oslo with a separate concept for clothing and shoes.

Normal is a Danish chain that opened its first store in 2013. In 2017, the first Norwegian store was opened in Kristiansand. Since then, the chain has opened stores on the assembly line. As of today, they have 159 stores.

Across Europe, Normal has around 550 stores.

Price reductions are normal

In Nettavisen’s large price test of Normal and Rema 1000, Normal’s shopping cart was 30 percent cheaper. Only two out of 60 items were cheaper in the Rema 1000.

“Fixed low prices are part of our customer promise and we will review individual products now that we have been made aware of them,” said Normal CEO Thomas Harsvik when he heard the result.

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On the other hand, the Rema 1000 says it doesn’t compare to the regular one. Rima 1000 calls plain dollar store.

– At Rima 1000, we sell the complete shopping basket that people need, which includes fresh products, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, meat and fish, most of which are produced in Norway. “So we don’t compare ourselves to dollar stores,” said Category and Buying Director, Lynne Arness.

Felisa, wandering and several places

Normal has been successful with its concept of a mix of different types of stores.

– I would say about 80% of our selections are what you would associate with grocery. But we will also be a mix of the range in drugstores and perfume shops and chains like Nille and Europris, Harsvik said earlier.

Now Normalsjefenen confirms to Nettavisen that they will open ten new stores before the new year. These are the places:

  • Bergen neston
  • Urkanger Center Ooty
  • Fulda spinneret
  • Tile
  • Oslo Abseil
  • Bergen Islands
  • Surumsand
  • Jules Creamertonite
  • Uttestad
  • Skiing
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