Northern Lights, Trondheim | A powerful solar storm on its way to Earth: – A bit unusual

Northern Lights, Trondheim |  A powerful solar storm on its way to Earth: – A bit unusual

The northern lights arise from activity on the sun, and their intensity varies. Measurements show that the Sun’s periods of activity extend over 11-year intervals.

– We’re heading towards We are expected to reach the peak in 2024. Therefore, we will see very high solar activity compared to quiet times, says Veronica Danielsen.

Veronica Danielsen is a physicist and science communicator. She is an expert on the northern lights and has, among other things, written a book about the northern lights.

Stronger solar storm

Danielsen said there is now a powerful solar storm heading towards Earth. She calls it a “cannibal” solar storm.

– It is different from other solar storms. What happens is that the Sun sends out a normal solar storm first, and then a stronger solar storm comes shortly after that follows the first solar storm. It turns into a large cloud of particles on its way to Earth.

The solar storm will be so powerful that the northern lights may be visible as far as Germany during the night.

-It’s a bit unusual.

Visible from all over the country

I asked Nidaros Danielsen specifically about the opportunities in Trondheim, and she replied that there are good opportunities all over Norway.

– Now, northern lights warnings are no longer as reliable as regular weather forecasts. But we see that there are very good chances that strong northern lights will appear across Norway during the night.

The northern lights will be at their strongest from midnight until the morning hours. But it should also be possible to see the northern lights on Saturday night.

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according to’s aurora warning Aurora activity in Trondheim should be at its highest between 4 and 6 tonight.

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