Norway is ready for the European Championship final after a show of strength against France – VG

Norway is ready for the European Championship final after a show of strength against France - VG

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Ljubljana (VG) (Norway-France 28-20) France have won their first six UEFA matches by averaging 9.4 goals. But against Norway it was a complete stop for the Olympic winners. The handball girls will play the final match against Denmark on Sunday.


Stine Bredal Oftedal kicked off a fierce Norwegian revenge after losing by two goals against Denmark on Wednesday. As in last year’s World Cup final, the French Olympic winners were completely exhausted after 60 minutes against Norway. The Olympic winners collapsed in front of superstar goalkeeper Celje Solberg-Ostasil and the rest of the Norwegian defence.

Both get the maximum – 10 points – on the VG exchange.

– It’s so cute, I’m relieved and happy. “We’re playing a great game and it’s a very good fit,” Prideal Oftedal told VG.

Norway produced their best performance in Ljubljana and will fight for their ninth Norwegian title out of 15 possible on Sunday. EC’s adventure never ends for the handball girls.

– It’s great. I would say we play against France outside the room, which is a great feeling,” Heni Rystad tells VG.

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Norway has had a slow start in many EC matches. But not tonight.

– It was a little liberating. He lay for a long time and leaned over. We screwed up a few balls when we had the chance, but it went to waste. Then it was like pulling a cork, and then it spilled, Hergerson tells Viaplay.

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Stine Bredal Oftedal screwed up from the start. The Norway captain went ahead with a 1-0 sweep with a rush of 107 km/h. I continued to make the French defense waver. She scored five goals before the end of the first half and scored three penalties.

– I couldn’t bear to feel the way I did after the Denmark game, Bredal Oftedal tells Viaplay.

– She was exceptional and led the way as a captain should be, said expert Caroline Dehr-Brevang during the break.

Nora Mork continued her massive penalty kicks from earlier in UEFA (20 goals from 21 penalties). Scored five out of five before halftime. With versatility and ingenuity.

Cleopatra Darlow couldn’t find them, but the French goalkeeping queen showed that she was the shooting leader of the Norwegian winger. Only Emily Hovden managed to put the ball in from the edge in six Norwegian tries in the first half.

At the opposite end, it started a bit cautiously with Silje Solberg-Østhassel.

But then it came. The ex-ice Paris goalkeeper brought France to despair in last year’s FIFA World Cup final and Euro 2020 final, with the help of an increasingly aggressive Norwegian defence. Thel Rochfeldt Della came again and showed her what a duel she is.

Solberg-Østhassel finished the half with a double save, which was the first 30 minutes of his greatest achievement. Thus led the goalkeeping game against Darlow as Norway took a 12-11 lead.

Faith in a new European Commission final shone in the Norwegian dressing room.

After the break, it started with another save signed by Solberg and a goal by Mork.

Norway took the lead for the first time in the match by two goals. Pre-favourite, highlighted in blue, increased pressure. Bredal Oftedal played with Henny Reistad scoring great goals reminiscent of last year’s WC Final.

The resilient phenom in the set 25 lifted himself to the ceiling and squeezed in another fine goal before Stine Skogrand put Norway three goals ahead – 17-14 – on a comeback on the right wing.

It started to smell like the European Championship final from the white suits. Reistad was awarded both the expulsion and the penalty. Mork hammered the skin into the lattice ceiling. Norway led 18-16 with 20 minutes remaining.

France was in a frenzy. Olivier Krumholz took time out for his 500th game as manager of the French national team.

Thorir Hergeirsson continued the task in his 307th match for Norway.

Sunniva Næs Andersen struggled from the left wing at EC, missing two shots before the break, but scored from a Mørk pass on the line. Norway led 20-17 and France star Estelle Nze Minko could not create much of a chance at Solberg-Østhassel.

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Marin Ardal received the first Norwegian dismissal of the evening when she ended up falling behind. France played a penalty shootout. Catherine Lundy came along and hit the 42-year-old model with Grace Zadie. The referees had to go out to assess the red card on the French centre-back.

But he considered the situation to be that Lundy was hit in the armpit, not in the face.

France’s lightning fast Nzy Menkou is a striker in defence. Use the space Reistad to find Vilde Reistad. He then forearmed Steyn Bridal of Oftedal in a 22-19 win to Norway.

Kid comeback Sneva Ness Andersen made it 23-19 on a pass from Rystad.

Norway was 10 minutes away from EC heaven.

And he got even closer when Thale beat Rushfield Dela 24-19 on the cross. Uncle Sigurd Rushfield could not have done it better.

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