Norway narrowly lost to France – VG

Norway narrowly lost to France - VG
JUBEL: France struggled for a long time against a good Norwegian team. The score came 2-1 a few minutes before the end.

(Norway-France 1-2) After the European Football Championship this summer, there was a “harmony agreement” that Norway is far from the best country. During a dark autumn evening in Spain, Norwegian women approx On par with France, which reached the semi-finals of the European Championship.


“I’m happy with a lot, but it’s hard to lose,” national team manager Heig Rise told NRK after the match.

– I am completely satisfied with the transition from attack to defense and how clear our communication there is. Our offensive play is very good and we accept very little. Overall, I think we look solid, Riise continues into the State Channel.

Norway’s under-staffed Caroline Graham Hansen (break), Ada Hegerberg (injury) and Marin Mgildy (injury) were not among the favorites in the market ahead of the international special against France on Friday night.

The Norwegian defense team’s four had a total of 22 caps on their résumé before Friday. In contrast, French defender Wendy Renard had 138 caps to show.

But despite the presence of several inexperienced players, the eleven chosen by national team manager Heig Reis were on a par with France, who narrowly lost to Germany in this summer’s EC semi-finals, where Norway, on the other hand, lost , 0-8 in front of England and gone. Out with a fanfare in the group stage.

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But perhaps it was the huge difference in the number of international matches that turned the game in France’s favor in Spain on Friday. France’s Vivien Assy jumped on her own and scored 2-1 after a corner kick with seven minutes remaining.

After a very good first half by Norway, the second half is likely to have been heavily split, featuring many changes from the bench – which is normal in a particular international match.

Al-Mukhtar: Norway met France in a special international match in Spain on Friday.

Norway was the fastest among the mainstays. The occasion’s captain, Guru Ritten, had a great foreplay against Akeland who was able to finish the match quite freely, but backed off at the last minute and a huge opportunity was missed.

Then there was a period of good Norwegian recovery with midfield trio Anja Sonstiffold, Guru Retten and Frida Manum in the main roles that stressed the French woman. But the blue shirts were ruthless and Norway II was a bit lethargic. A half-hearted attempt to stand tall was punished by the ‘home team’ in the evening, and then Sakina Karchaoui managed to pass Kadidiatou Diani – who broke with Mathilde Hoge Harviken and completed ice-cold into the net behind goalkeeper Aurora Michalsen.

1-0: Aurora Mikalsen had almost no chance when French star Cadédiato Diani sprinted towards the Norwegian cage and confirmed the lead.

Norway did not allow itself to collapse for this reason: Amalie Ekland showed good strength when she blocked a corner kick just outside the French cage – and nine minutes after the French opener, substitute Sophie Romain Haug equalized with a close-range header. The preparatory work was almost a dice roll, with Brattberg Lund appearing to be playing her 100th international rather than her second; The latter led a gleaming tunnel before serving Roman Hough on a silver platter.

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Norway continued their good run before the break and were close to the top when Manum showed off his impressive dribbling skills before firing from a corner. The French goalkeeper had to give up a dangerous comeback, but Romain Hoegh did not pass the loose ball before the French defense cleared it.

After the break, the Norwegian stress game wasn’t what it used to be. Their energy was drained and there were several Norwegian changes.

But France struggled in the second half, too – and it was a free kick where Vivian Ase’s header, which was too long for Michalsen, was the added difference.

Norway meets England in a new special international match next Tuesday.

1-1: The Norwegian women were able to cheer Sophie Roman Haug’s goal midway through the first half.
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