2–1 on Godset – VG

2–1 on Godset - VG
Vettel Dragsnes scored twice for Lillstrom, who rejoices in the scoring, while Stromsgodset goalkeeper Villegar Mehra bites the turf.

LILLESTRØM (VG) (Lillestrøm-Strømsgodset 2–1) Germund Assen and Vettel-Dragsnes headed home, and for the fourth time this year Lillestrøm returned straight after the loss. Strømsgodset was beaten 2-1 at Åråsen.


  • First loss of the year against Strømsgodset. Lillestrom responded by defeating Kristiansund in the following match.
  • The next loss came against the Vikings. The Romans responded with victory over the stranger.
  • The third loss came against Gerf. Lillestrøm responded by defeating Sandefjord.
  • The fourth loss came against Vålerenga last weekend. On Saturday, yellow and black responded with a win over Strømsgodset. Attpåtil on Tom Lund’s 72nd birthday.

Boys are good at whistling. And retaliate appropriately. It’s a nice group, says LSK’s non-crying coach about it.

– We play a good game until they score. There will be a bit of chaos after that, he added.

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Five minutes into extra time – in the last second of the game – Strømsgodset’s Jonathan Braut Brunes hit the crossbar. This is how close they are to the points.

– We could have gotten points at the end, Strømsgodset captain Gustav Walsvik notes when we talk about “almost theft.”

I’m proud that we can come back well after a bad first half.

– Today, Lillestrøm and the best man on the track, Magnus Knudsen, says to VG, “Today we’ve been playing a very good game for a long time.”

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He is on loan from Russia’s Rostov until the summer of 2023 and nothing else will say about what will happen next.

– not necessary

– It wasn’t necessary in the last 10 minutes, we should have killed the match earlier. We didn’t have to make it exciting, says Lillstrom’s Jermond Ossen to Discovery+ after Stromsgodset came close to eventually equalizing after the hosts were completely in control earlier in the game.

The same Assen slipped to the back post and bowed 1-0 in favor of Lillstrom after 13 minutes. Yaldrin Ibrahim was given plenty of time to put together a perfect ball. By that time, the hosts had already had two good chances.

It won’t stop there. It came 2-0 just before the break when Vettel Dragosnes headed the ball into a beautiful arc over and around Godust goalkeeper Vigar Mehra and into the net. The post came from Magnus Knudsen, who excelled throughout the inning.

– We struggle with and without the ball, says Christopher Tokstad from Strømsgodset to Discovery+ during the break.

– We have to come up with something else in the second half.

On the other hand, Vetle Drgsnes from Lillestrøm is happy to change sides:

We are good with the ball, we are good at diversifying and we put good pressure on them.

“We are giving up a lot of space” and that “we have a lot to deal with,” Stromsgodset coach Haakon Webby Lund said before the second half.

But Lillestrøm kept pressing, and the traffic was completely one-way. Returning son, Thomas Lynn Olsen, has been close many times, but still holds out without scoring. Finally, he lay down on his frog, face upside down to the grass. Germond Osun rushed up and pulled him.

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A little uncertainty creeps in, says Discovery+ expert Jonas Grønner about Lehne Olsen’s lack of goals. A quarter of an hour before the end, he handed over the place to Holmbert Fredjohnson.

– Thomas plays a very good game. He is sharp in his movements, he gets many chances, goals come in. LSK coach Geir Buck says he must continue.

LSK players sometimes got in each other’s way in their passion to score more goals, and Vigar Mehra’s Godset cage was well worth his salary. To the extent coach Gear Buck had anything to worry about, it was all about efficiency.

chasing points

And it could have been really bad for Lillestrøm, because after the 79th minute of play, Gustav Valsvik cut it back to 2-1 with a cross that did little after Herman Stengel and Strømsgodset found new hope.

– Discovery expert + Gruner says the legacy can thank higher powers for still being in battle.

Suddenly, it was Godst who was chasing the points after he overtook him for about 90 minutes. LSK goalkeeper Mads Heidenstadt Kristiansen received an indirect free kick against him inside the 16m area for taking too long with the ball, but Hermann Stengel’s shot went straight into the penalty area.

Lillestrøm and Strømsgodset never played 0-0 against each other. This is despite the fact that this was the 57th meeting in league and cup matches since 1966.

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