Norway’s opening: – Fear of a robbery wave after reopening

Norway's opening: - Fear of a robbery wave after reopening

It took less than two weeks for the government to lift all restrictions and reopen Norway. After this, the weekends are marked by big folk festivals and chaos in many cities.

This has put a heavy workload on the police.

The insurance company IF believes that they have only received a few reports of robbery or theft so far and that this is due to the fact that people are still intoxicated with joy at the opening ceremony.

However, they fear this may change quickly, and are urging people to be more vigilant in the future.

– What we are afraid of now is that we will return to a normal situation in the community, where the borders will be opened and it will be easy for thieves to cross the borders. Sigmund Clements, IF Insurance’s communications manager, says this could lead to the return of high – profit criminals in Norway.

So he expects these types of crimes to increase on a large scale.

– Some risk

When it comes to the pickpocket category, the number of reports has not yet risen, police confirm to Duckbladet. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening.

– Boundaries are now open. Can’t imagine they will eventually come, we call the professional pickpocket, says Stick Waspe, head of the intelligence unit at the Oslo Center for Police Division.

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He says they are the company that often experiences similar situations, but the number for week 38 is only 43 reviews, up from 39 cases in the previous week and 35 cases before.

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– Are you afraid this might change?

– I’m not scared, but I think it could happen, the police are ready for it. This is a sector where a lot has been invested and done, so we will keep an eye on it and see what happens next in this sector, ”says Waspe.

He says it was a good time during the strike because people could not communicate as before.

– We have never had so few cases in this field before, but when the community reopens now, there is a certain risk that it will take off again.

– More than 350 thefts

Wasbe believes it is difficult to predict how big this increase will be.

– The big increase we had a few years ago was caused by somewhat professional mobile profiteering criminals. We have been focusing on this for many years and have seen great results. In short, taking the right ones and doing something about them. We don’t want to go back to how we were in 2012 when there were a maximum of 18,000 reviews a year.

On average about 350 cases a month when it comes to pickpocket types.

– This is a low number compared to before, but the division head says that 350 thefts are more in terms of 350 thefts, and people are proud that they are better at taking care of their cases.

While the trend is positive, a number of factors may be involved and the insurance company IF believes it will contribute to an increased share of pickpocketing in the future.

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– Now we are facing the upcoming Christmas table season and there will be a lot of celebrations in the future. From experience, this leads to many more thefts like Pickpocket, Clements tells DocPlate.

Rarely runs alone

His advice is to evaluate what you actually pick up on the streets while shopping, and whether those items are particularly attractive to thieves. In some places, people are also more exposed to pickpocketing.

– I don’t know if the marzipan pig is still in stores, but many are already in the process of buying Christmas gifts. This year, families will meet again and they want to make up for lost time, so there will be a business reward and a lot of life and excitement, says the communications manager.

He says it is rare for a pickpocket to work alone, but often with one or two people. In this way, one distracts, the other steals and hands over to a third person, and then he disappears from the scene.

– If you find theft, those around you will be completely clean without stolen items – because the latter is already everywhere, says the communication consultant.

Pickpocket is covered by travel insurance, and if it happens at home, Clements says content insurance covers both robbery and theft.

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