Driving Rain expected: – Very heavy

Driving Rain expected: - Very heavy

Many parts of the country are likely to experience heavy rain during Tuesday afternoon and evening.

– There will be heavy rainfall in the next few days. Danger warnings have been issued for both rain and landslides, so it could be a tough week, Martin Becnjak, a meteorologist working at StormGeo, tells TV2.

This is very serious

He says the storm will stick to western Norway, Trøndelag and Nordland, with hurricane-force winds likely throughout the week.

– Today it will be very intense in western Norway and Trøndelag. According to the latest forecast, 40 to 60 mm of rain could fall in western Norway throughout the day today, according to Beknjak.

In other parts of the country it may not be as serious.

– but further south in West-Achter, up to 40mm of rain could fall in the afternoon, says Becknjak.

It seems that there will be more rain on Wednesday as well. Trams and Finnmark will see widespread rain over the next few days.

After that, stormy weather calms down a bit later in the week.

– It will not be violent from Thursday. However, heavy rain will return on Friday and Saturday, especially in northern and western Norway. On Saturday, Nordland and Trøndelag will experience 50-60 mm of rain, according to Pegnjak.

This weekend’s weather is a winner

The meteorologist says the weather will be good until the end of the week, mainly in eastern Norway.

– It will be around 22-23 degrees here. Østafjells will have better weather than the rest of the country over the next few days, says Pegnjak.

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Good weather expected: The long-term forecast promises good sun and heat across the country. Photo: Javad Barza / NTB

However, it is not completely cloud free.

– It will rain in Østafjells on Thursday, but not a lot, continues Pegnjak.

good news

In contrast, better weather days are expected across the country next week.

– A strong high pressure will move into Scandinavia next week, and there will be a couple of days of milder weather, more sun and higher temperatures, according to Becnjak.

Fair weather is expected across the country.

– So the meteorologist might say that next week will be much better than the weather we will get in the next few days.

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