Could you live in a tiny house like Maria?

Could you live in a tiny house like Maria?

With ever-higher home prices, many people are looking for more economical solutions when buying a home. Maria Lonnemo (32) works as a personal supervisor and is one of the few living in a micro house.


A microhouse is a small detached house. They are also often called mini houses or caravans. In most cases, the houses are less than 30 square meters.

Will do something different

Maria A4 describes the urge to do something else if she doesn’t want to live life. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalternative housing arose many years ago.

– The first time I decided that I wanted to live alternately, about five years ago. Then I studied in Australia and looked for micro houses and different alternatives. Then there were no suppliers in Norway, so I put it on the shelf, Maria tells TV 2.

It was when one of Maria’s friends moved into a micro home that she decided to pursue the idea.

– She acted like a guinea pig and when I decided I wanted to do the same, I knew what I was going to do differently.

It took Maria a year until she ordered her own micro house, where she now lives alone in a rural environment.

Smart solutions

Typical of mini-houses are smart solutions that utilize space in both height and width, for example, open space solution, bedroom and smart storage solutions.

Maria’s Micro House measures 16 square meters and has a smart floor plan that maximizes space in height.

– I have one floor for the bedroom and one floor for the living room, so I have a full living room. I have lots of storage space under both the bedroom and living room. Together with the loft, the house is approximately 26 square meters.

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Open solution: Maria’s microhouse has many smart solutions for using space. Photo: Private

Living room: A lot of space in a few square meters.  The living room is raised on one floor, so there is plenty of storage space below.  Photo: Private

Living room: A lot of space in a few square meters. The living room is raised on one floor, so there is plenty of storage space below. Photo: Private

Bathroom: There are also smart solutions for using space in the bathroom. Photo: Private

Advantages and disadvantages

He describes the many advantages of the unusual house.

– I don’t have the equity to buy an apartment, so if I bought an apartment in the regular housing market, I wouldn’t become a debt slave in this type of house, she continues:

– I have my own house in a quiet and peaceful environment in the country, with few neighbors. It’s like an adventure, and it’s exciting to do something different. I’m learning a lot and getting more and more comfortable.

Maria learns many new things, both in different skills, but also about herself when things sort out when something happens.

– There are challenges that others don’t have. The water has frozen twice and the water has gone twice. Then the fridge and all the food in the fridge went to hell, and once the toilet caught fire.

The only downside she comes across is the temperature, she describes the microhouse as; Hot in summer and freezing cold in winter. Then she took matters into her own hands and came up with a smart solution to heat the house this winter by running a heating cable inside the water pipe.

She explains that the living situation is temporary until she lives alone; – This is for a time only. Until I find someone to go with.

She thrives in a tiny home and inspires many others to do the same. This spring, we will see Maria and her house in a new show on TV 2, “Microlive”, where we will follow more people in similar living conditions.

– I think this is part of the future. Not necessarily a micro-house, but more compact living in smaller units. I think this is the future for many young people and it is recommended, Maria Lonemo tells TV2.

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