Isolation when going abroad: – Now the rules of the game are changing

Isolation when going abroad: - Now the rules of the game are changing

The day many have been waiting for has arrived. At a press conference, Erna Solberg announced that Norway would reopen from Saturday tomorrow – more precisely at 16:00.

It is also important for those who have missed a long trip abroad.

– For those who like to go out and travel, I say: Good luck!

Until now, with isolation programs for orange and red countries, it was possible to go home free from “green” countries against a negative test at the border, a notice for those who have not been vaccinated.

Opening: – Now the time has come. Prime Minister Erna Solberg says we are now returning to a normal daily life.
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These are the changes

When Norway reopens now, entry rules will also be relaxed. In the first phase, Saturday at 4 p.m., the following changes will apply.

  • Entry restrictions will be lifted for the entire EEA / Schengen and Purple countries. In other words, people can come to Norway from these countries, including Great Britain and Switzerland. Purple countries are countries outside the EEA that are considered a mild epidemic. Entrance still has to walk through 35 open border crossings.
  • Police will prioritize border control of travelers from high-infection areas and will only carry out random sampling on land with low-infection areas. “The rows will be smaller and it will be better,” Maland said.
  • Removed entry isolation to orange land. So you can now come home from green And Isolated Orange Land. Isolated rules from red, dark red, purple and gray countries still apply.
  • Children under the age of 18 are exempt from entry isolation. They should still be tested at the border and encouraged to test after three days.
  • Isolated hotel plan canceled. Isolation in hotels can be voluntary.
  • You do not need to test yourself before you come to Norway, Regardless of country.
  • Test requirements are removed from border crossings For green and orange lands.
  • All who are fully vaccinated are released from isolation and testing.
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In phases 2 and 3, the rules will be further relaxed. In the second phase, the restrictions on who is allowed to enter the country on the third list of EU countries will be removed. Related facilities will be made available for isolation and testing.

To give people better information about traveling to another country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced a new processor, Travel Ready, where you can get the necessary information about the country you want to go to or stay in.

You can download it for free on both App Store And Game Store. You may have to give it some time – when we tried the iOS version, we did not do much in the app, did not even search the country, and it seems to be the same problem on Android.

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