November 28, 2022


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Norwegian Economy |  This is what newspapers write about the economy on Friday, November 25

Norwegian Economy | This is what newspapers write about the economy on Friday, November 25

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Housing analyst on house prices: – The X-factor is how big the fall will be now (Today’s Business)
The most important explanation behind the fall in house prices this fall — and the bubble indicator balance — is the rise in interest rates. And as interest rates rise, it’s natural for prices to fall, says André Kallåk Anundsen, researcher and vice president of the Housing Lab. – What a huge downer X-Factor is now, he interjects. read more

LO Federation questions ground rent tax plans (class struggle)
It is surprising that Fellesforbundet announces yes to land rent tax in LO Federation NNN, the government will meet them with many changes. read more

Salmon retorts at the millionaire: — The prerequisite for conversation is that witse (E24)
Finance Minister Trygve Slacksvold Vadham hit back at Salmar leader Gustav Witsoe’s “poetic attack” earlier this week, and indicated that Witsse had taken the opportunity to have a conversation. read more

Shipping Association Criticizes Electricity Tax: – Totally unheard of (E24)
Norway needs more electricity, and the government’s increased electricity bills create huge uncertainty, says Harald Solberg, president of the Shipping Association. – He says the government should completely change course there. read more

Electricity prices will rise sharply on Friday (online newspaper)
The average price is again above NOK 2.5 per kWh. read more

A fixed price for electricity does not make it affordable (Comment by Sigurd Bjørnestad, Aftenposten)
The power industry warns against believing that contracts with fixed prices will result in cheaper electricity. It is not like that. read more

We will make petrol and diesel very cheap from Frp New Year (TV 2)
The FRP proposes to eliminate fuel taxes in the first half of the year due to the great uncertainty surrounding the energy situation in Europe. – This will reduce the pump price for petrol to NOK 8 and the price of diesel to NOK 7. We will consider the continuation in the second half of the year when processing the revised national budget, says Morten Stordalen (FrP), who sits on the Transport and Communications Committee. read more

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FRP trick in special class (Chairman, Dagens Naringsliv)
What do you do when the oil fund tap is turned off? Yes, you open Folketrygdfondets. read more

FRP wants maximum price, but only for half a year: – trick (online newspaper)
Reveals monster price tag on peak electricity prices and pays only half read more

Right-wing leaders: Will cut taxes — but not spending (V.G.)
Right-wing city leaders across the country are making property taxes a major campaign issue. They promise to lower the property tax — but can’t guarantee it will be eliminated. read more

The Conservatives continue to raise taxes by 36 billion and public waste (Matter online. Editor-in-Chief Gunnar Stavrum, Netavisen)
The Conservative Party has avoided all the controversial results and is sitting quietly on the boat and moving forward in the polls. read more

SV proposes to double diesel tax on vans: – Unfair and unrealistic (online newspaper)
In SV’s proposal for an alternative state budget for 2023, the party proposes a huge tax hike on diesel vans. read more

Companies can now apply for energy grants (NTB)
From today, companies with excess electricity can apply for subsidy through the Energy Subsidy Scheme. The scheme will help around 20,000 companies pay their electricity bills and invest in energy activities, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Fisheries wrote in a press release. read more

Esa approves electricity subsidy for convenience stores in rural areas (NTB)
The EEA Authority (Esa) has given the green light for electricity assistance for small district shops affected by electricity tariff hikes. read more

The Quiet Demolition of Norway (Manager, Finansavisen, Trigway Hegnar)
What is important and frightening is the exceptionally negative attitude towards business and investors from the government parties and the support party SV. When there are almost daily news and reports of successful investors leaving the country instead of living in Norway with families, friends, business contacts, investments and holiday homes, it is a sign that something is terribly, terribly wrong. It is so bad that many people, perhaps many thousands, want to leave, but have reason to believe that children (school, education), parents, family and well-integrated social environments do not. read more

The Salmon Industry’s “Super Profit” (Post by Tor Lønnum, CFO of Kverva, leading seafood investor and significant shareholder of SalMar asa, the world’s second largest salmon producer) (Dagens Næringsliv)
The argument for super profits in salmon farming is based on a few good years, a ridiculously low normal revenue requirement and returns that have been hit hard by the devaluation of the krone in recent years. read more

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Zero interaction between north and south winds. The Norwegian sea breeze is worth its weight in gold. (Post by Jan Olav Dande, lead researcher, Harald Svendsen, researcher, Eril Bachmann Mehmer, researcher, all three at Sintep and NTNU professor Magnus Korbas) (Dagens Næringsliv)
A stroke of luck from the weather gods would save Hauvind-Norge from the many vicissitudes of the wind’s power. But only if wind farms are spread over large areas. read more

The SAS chief hopes to agree to voluntary arbitration with the cabin crew (NTB)
Voluntary mediation between SAS and cabin crew in Norway begins on Monday. The SAS leader says they want to reach an agreement. read more

The Defense Minister will not abandon the new tanks (Today’s Business)
Defense Minister Bjorn Arild Gramm (SP) says the process of buying tanks for the army is going according to plan. On Thursday, Dagens Naringsliv wrote that Defense Chief Erik Kristofferson had recommended to the Defense Minister not to acquire the tanks. read more

DNB is changing the pricing model for funds (V.G.)
DNB is eliminating return commission on all its funds from New Year. The Consumer Council should impose a ban. read more

New E39 opened: halving travel time between Kristiansand and Mandal (NRK)
Traffic is now diverted on the new E39 between Kristiansand and Mandal. The new four-lane road will be safer and faster. read more

Damage during a political reference against Equinar (NTB)
Police in Trondheim have sent patrols to Equinor in Rotwall. After many people came there and threw paint on the building. read more

Salmon workers fight against the tax: – It’s not a game at all, I don’t believe in any of it (Today’s Business)
Salmon worker Ralista Malakov took a bus from Froja to Oslo to get the attention of the “salmon barons” in the debate over the ground rent tax. read more

Losing the will to research salmon lice after industry backlash: – Absolutely brutal (E24)
Researcher Mari Myksvoll tries to avoid topics that could create friction with salmon farmers. She wasn’t the only one feeling the pressure. read more

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Against LO in home office: − Undervalues ​​women (V.G.)
And the LO warns that home offices could become an equality trap beyond mothers of young children. – Conversely, academics respond who believe that more home offices will actually provide more equality. read more

A possible price cap on Putin’s gas: – would have serious consequences (NTB)
Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that the EU’s plans to introduce a price cap on gas would have serious consequences for the energy market. read more

There is no EU agreement on gas price ceilings (NTB)
EU countries failed to reach an agreement on the European Commission’s proposal for a gas price ceiling at a crisis meeting in Brussels on Thursday. read more

Oil Minister on EU’s plans for price cap on gas: – The EU needs to ask a little bit from the players operating in this market (Today’s Business)
Norway has again warned against the EU’s hotly-talked-about move. The oil minister insists there is nothing the government can do if the price ceiling weakens gas exports to Europe. read more

Listag: – Not acceptable in Norway (online newspaper)
The FRP has submitted its alternative state budget for 2023: – In a country like Norway we cannot accept that we see so many people starving, sitting and freezing because they cannot pay their electricity bills, says the party’s leader Sylvie Listag. . read more

Rørt Støre meets Mett (41): − It is very strong (V.G.)
Even though Mette Halvorsen (41) receives welfare state assistance, Jonas Kahr has to go to the Salvation Army’s slum station to collect food under the store’s supervision. read more

Price crisis hits hard: “I feel completely useless” (V.G.)
Many helplines are under pressure from frustrated and desperate people. Some say they don’t want to live anymore, Church SOS General Secretary. read more

Pensioner Arnfinn earned 250,000 through extra jobs (V.G.)
These are the rules for pensioners who are happy to work. A group in particular should be fully vetted. read more