Traffic accident:- Traffic chaos at many places

Traffic accident:- Traffic chaos at many places

Many motorists across the country were caught off guard by snow and slippery roads Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Among other things, heavy amounts of snow are causing problems on the roads south of Oslo. The Swedish Road Administration reported that not all staff were working.

– Currently closed between Storebaug and Mosseporten. Fixed trailer loading on site. Patrol remains at the scene, and the drivers of the trailers have been asked to put chains on, police tweeted.

In the municipality of Fran, there are reports of complete stoppages in several places, including Belsjøveien and Rundbakkene.

On the E6 between Smiehagen and Vassumkrysset in Frogn, according to Vegtrafikksentralen öst, there is a fixed queue via Årungen in the direction of Oslo, as the truck train has stopped.

Vegtrafikksentralen has asked motorists to pay attention to the roads, especially on the E6 from Vinterbro to Rygge.

– If it suddenly snows after a while, you will get a completely different road grip than you are used to. Transport operator Truit Lindstad says we encourage people to drive according to the conditions rather than the speed limit. District.

Two were seriously injured

The police also received a report of a traffic accident after 7pm on Føya in Trøndelag. A total of five people, separated between two cars, were involved in the traffic accident. The accident happened on County Road 714 in Froya. The road is closed and two people have been sent to hospital.

Two people were seriously injured, according to police.

Operations Manager Roger Mokstad tells Talkblade that they received a report that a person should not have been wearing a seat belt. He could not yet say if the man was among the injured.

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– Can you tell me something about what happened?

– No, that’s what we’re investigating.

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– Drive according to weather and road conditions

The head-on collision with Garderveen, in Vestby, south of Oslo, just after 8pm, caused unknown damage. Roads are very slippery at many places in East Police District.

An accident on the E18 in Asker, west of Oslo, caused major traffic problems. No one was seriously injured.

– We encourage you to drive according to the weather and road conditions, the police tweeted.

The Trams police district also saw several derailments, including several buses ending up in ditches.

Police wrote on Twitter on Tuesday evening that a car must have ended up on its roof on the E6 near Sigerud. Another car came to rest on the roof of the Toft in Asker.

Police also reports that two trailers were spinning on Vevelstansveien. A path must be blocked.

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– The car is on its side

At 20.51 police in Inlandate received a report of a traffic accident on the E6 near Beery.

– A passenger car is on its side, police report.

Police in Nordland say a car left the road in Moi Rana and tow trucks are on the scene.

At Vegtrafiksentralen Mosseporten on the E6, in the direction of Oslo, access is reduced due to stopped traffic.

– They write that the area is heavily snowed and the conditions are very challenging.

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– Difficult driving conditions

– Snow usually has effects on roads. State meteorologist Martin Granerod tells Talkblade that it will be slippery and difficult driving conditions.

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A yellow warning for snow has been issued from Nordfjord to Lofoten and Vesterålen, where 10-25 cm is expected. The state meteorologist says there can be large local variations.

– Up to 35 cm of snow will fall in some places, especially in Nordland.

Granerød says colder weather is expected across the country.

– The state meteorologist says the cold will continue this week and beyond.

Granerød says Thursday and Friday will be especially cold this week.

– Temperatures may drop to -20 to -25 degrees in inland areas in Nordland and Trøndelag and mountain areas in southern Norway.

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