Norwegian 15-year-olds have never been worse at math. Are you better?

Norwegian 15-year-olds have never been worse at math.  Are you better?

Here you can test whether you can complete the tasks from the Pisa Survey.

The Pisa survey is conducted every three years. 15-year-olds around the world are tested in math, reading and science.

  • Christine Jansen

Bergens Tidende: This week the international results came Pisa survey. For Knowledge Minister Carrie Nessa Nordton, it was discouraging reading.

The level among Norwegian students is Less than ever Since the first Pisa measurements came in the early 2000s.

The worst situation is with the level in mathematics. 31% of pupils are now at the lowest skill levels.

Here you can test your own skills.

The tasks are taken from previous Pisa surveys. You’ll find the answers below!

Task 1

You will make your own salad dressing. Here is a recipe for 100 milliliters (ml) of sauce:

oil: 60 ml
vinegar: 30 ml
soy sauce: 10 ml

How many milliliters (ml) of oil do you need if you are making 150 ml of this sauce?

Task 2

Part 1: A revolving door consists of three door panels that rotate within a circular space. The inner diameter of this chamber is two meters (200 cm). The three door leaves divide the room into three equal-sized sectors. The figure above shows the door shutters in three different positions viewed from above.

How many degrees of angle do two door leaves form?

Part 2: The door rotates four full times per minute. There is space for a maximum of two people in each of the three door sectors.

What is the largest number of people who can enter the building through the door in 30 minutes?

a) 60
B) 180
c) 240
Dr) 720

Task 3

Adel drew this pattern with red and blue triangles.

Part 1: What percentage of triangles are in the four rows of the fair model in blue?

a) 37.5%
B) 50%
c) 60%
Dr) 62.5%

Part 2: If Adel extends the pattern by a fifth row, what percentage of the triangles in all five rows will be blue?

a) 40%
B) 50%
c) 60%
Dr) 66.7%

Part 3: Adel will add more rows to the pattern. He claims that the proportion of blue triangles in the model will always be less than 50 percent.

Is he right? Justify the answer?

Task 4

Mount Fuji is a Japanese volcano that is currently inactive.

Part 1: Mount Fuji is only open to hikers from August 1 to August 27 each year. Nearly 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji during this period.

Roughly how many people climb Mount Fuji on average per person per day?

a) 340
B) 710
c) 3400
Dr) 7100
H) 7400

Part 2: Toshi was wearing a pedometer to count the steps he took along the Gotemba hiking trail. The pedometer showed he took 22,500 steps on his way up.

Calculate Toshi’s average stride length while walking the 9 km Gotemba Hiking Trail. Write your answer in centimeters (cm).

Here are the answers:

Task 1: 90 milliliters

Task 2:
Part 1: 120° (also accepts 240°)
Part 2: 720 people

Task 3:
Part 1: 37.5 %
Part 2: 40 %
Part 3: Adel is right. Here are three justifications that can be relied upon:

  • Because there are always more red triangle than blue triangle in each row
  • Because there will always be a smaller blue triangle in each row
  • Because there is a red triangle at the end of each row and in the middle there is every other red and blue color

Task 4:
Part 1: Option E – 7,400 people
Part 2: 40 cm

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