Norwegian Politics, Ned Pa Case

Norwegian Politics, Ned Pa Case

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The trade union movement generously contributed more than NOK 40 million to the election campaign for the Red-Green parties, and now the LO leader is gaining power in the Labor Party.

Labour’s central committee wants LO leader Becky Hessen to lead the Folsvik election committee so that she has a greater influence on who becomes Labor leader after the national conference this spring.

In simple terms, an outside pressure group should have a major influence on who gets elected as leaders in a political party.

The Norwegian model, where wealthy vested interests like LO are not only content to exercise influence through political inputs, but also try to influence elections by providing financial support, is a sham. “Votes count, but resources decide,” noted political scientist Stein Rogan wrote about the power struggle between voters and interest groups.

While ordinary people received tax cuts, there was one group that received a special program in this year’s state budget: the so-called trade union allowance was drastically increased, meaning a one billion kroner tax break for LO members.

The large pressure group is also the largest sponsor of the Labor Party with NOK 28.7 million in support in 2021. Among the top 10 contributors to Norwegian political parties, various LO unions contributed six – tA total of NOK 41.4 million for the election winners Arbeiderpartiet, SV and Center Party.

In comparison, the Conservative Party and the Progressive Party received NOK 11.5 million from the business community, while the other parties did not make the top 10.

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LO President Freder Jonas Gahr Støre

When the LO leader leads the party’s election committee, it puts a new focus on whether the Labor Party is governing members or sponsors.

Peggy Hessen Følsvik herself contributes to this role confusion with recent plays There he “appeased” Labor leader Jonas Carr Storr..

The last time I read Labour’s bylaws, it was the members who elected the party leadership – not an outside welfare body.

– I have faith in the Prime Minister. I am sure that the government will provide the security that people expect. The LO leader said in a Space Christmas interview with VG.

And I believed that it was the electorate who indirectly chose the Prime Minister through elections, and what mattered was whether ordinary people had faith in the Prime Minister – not what an interest body thought.

Tax benefits worth crores

The most serious is that parties receiving financial assistance from the LO return and return the allocated tax credit.

The tax exemption is a refund of 22 percent of the tax on the allocation. Cleaning has been increased to NOK 7,700 in the state budget, giving a tax benefit of up to NOK 1,700 to LO’s 970,000 members.

This specially designed tax break costs the state up to NOK 1.6 billion per year, and also has a pleasant side effect for the LO leadership: since the state “splits” the allocation, it also contributes to the LO leader’s salary approaching 1.5 million kroner. .

The seven people at the head of LO earn more than NOK 1.1 million and the head of LO is looking for a board position at Sberbank1 Groupen, so his total income is close to NOK two million. According to the FriFag movement.

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“Now we’re taking the rich.”

A salary increase of two million kroner was impressive for Peggy Hessen Følsvik, who worked as cabin crew at Widerøe and Braathens SAFE, and became a full-time shop steward in 1998. Then it was Handel og Kontor, and since 2013 he has been a full-time employee of LO management, according to Wikipedia.

He is best known in the business world for his crackdown on franchisees and for continuing to seek tax increases that hit this group.

– The rich are in debt to the common people. Now it’s payback time. Now let us take the rich, He said in an interview this summer.

NOK two million in annual income, she is certainly within the limit set at NOK 750,000, but she does not have to worry about LO’s income, as long as the government subsidizes the dues, the organization alone cannot make peace. AP Chair, but also leads the selection committee.

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