Norwegians are the least and most satisfied with these electricity companies

Norwegians are the least and most satisfied with these electricity companies

Every fifth electricity consumer is thinking about switching electricity suppliers.

Are you satisfied with your electricity provider? Answer the poll at the bottom of the issue!

Are you satisfied with your electricity provider? EpsiEpsiIt is an abbreviation for Extended Performance Satisfaction Index The evaluation measured customer satisfaction among Norwegian electricity customers.

What has been the outcome of the recent decline in electricity prices, and which companies are customers most satisfied with?

raising awareness

This year’s survey, the fourteenth in a row, shows the following:

  • On average, private clients are more satisfied than they were at the same time last year.
  • Loyalty also depends on location, and as last year, one in five electricity customers responded that they were considering changing their electricity supplier.
  • Nine out of ten electricity customers know their electricity agreement. This is a much higher percentage than it was just a few years ago.
  • 23% of customers have been customers of the same electricity company for ten or more years.
  • 14 percent of customers stated that they buy electricity with the so-called Guarantee of originGuarantee of originGuarantees of origin are a labeling system for electricity to show the electricity consumer that an amount of energy has been produced from a specific energy source. Source: NVE..
  • 55% believe that the supplier informed them about electricity subsidies in a good way.

– The energy crisis we witnessed last year forced electricity consumers to properly understand their relationships with customers, and electricity became a topic of conversation throughout Norwegian homes. On the other hand, this year, in parallel with the decline in prices, fewer of us are thinking about electricity prices and electricity agreements, and the large commitment to electricity has decreased.

This is what Frederik Host, CEO of Epsi Norge, says in a press release.

At the bottom, you can see which electricity companies were the worst and which were the best.

– There is no reason to revive the electricity market

The Consumer Council believes it would be good if more consumers said they knew what electricity contract they had.

The electricity price crisis led to increased interest in electricity. Unfortunately, there is still little reason to revive the electricity market. Four out of ten say In our surveys They were cheated when they bought electricity. And one in two have not changed the agreement in the past two years, and the risk of them paying more than they should is high, a senior legal adviser wrote in consumer council, Thomas Iversen, In an email to us.

He believes that it is illogical to talk about agreements tailored to each individual.

– There is no difference in the quality of electricity, and there is simply no reason to pay more than you have to.

Consumer Council tips for a better electricity contract:

  • Check your agreement on the Norwegian Consumer Council’s electricity price portal strö Here you will find an overview of all offers on the market.
  • Any change is made with just a few keystrokes and is done by your new company.
  • Be aware that many companies try to sell you additional products, such as electricity insurance and “green electricity.” These services do nothing but raise your electricity bill.

Are you satisfied with your electricity provider? Answer the poll at the bottom of the issue!

– Motivates us to become better

NorgesEnergi is ranked worst in the survey. Many NorgesEnergi customers respond that they are not sure whether the electricity agreement they entered into today is the right one for them, and are requesting further relevant communication from the company.

Hans-Erik Ramsdal is Managing Director of NorgesEnergi.

– We are of course not satisfied with this. We work every day to ensure customers have good experiences and are provided with good information. Feedback like this motivates us to be better, Ramsdale wrote in an email to us. He encourages customers with questions to call the customer center or go to the NorgesEnergi website.

Are you satisfied with your electricity provider?

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