– Not great – VG

- Not great - VG
Max Verstappen’s car before its launch in Austria on Saturday.

Max Verstappen (24) won the sprint race on Saturday and thus increased his lead in the WC summary. Thus, he also gets the best starting track at the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday.


– He controlled the race from start to finish, says Atle Gulbrandsen of Viaplay about the Dutchman.

– I expect a tougher duel on Sunday. The car is good, and we’re really competitive this weekend, says Verstappen in the arena interview shown on Viaplay.

Max Verstappen had the best starting track and started at the start – before my Ferrari. He quickly had a two-second lead over Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari drivers had a deadly duel – something Verstappen used to let go.

Ferrari management probably wouldn’t like the two fighting against each other in this way, Atle Gulbrandsen stated on the Viaplay broadcast.

Perhaps there is no great atmosphere between these two, says colleague Stein Petersen.

Avoid accidents

In the interview, Leclerc was asked if it would be possible to work with Sainz to try to beat Verstappen on Sunday:

– I hope so, Leclerc answers and quickly disappears.

Fortunately for Ferrari, the two avoided a collision.

– Max is fast today. Hopefully we can push it more on Sunday, says Charles Leclerc.

Mighty Haas Drivers

Haas drivers Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher got a good starting point after qualifying and continued to impress in the same race. Lewis Hamilton fought for a long time in ninth place – the place behind Schumacher. The fight between them was the best entertainment in the race. In the end, Hamilton succeeded – two rounds before the finish.

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Fernando Alonso had trouble with the car even before the start and never started.

The race exceeded 25 laps, and the top eight earned World Cup points. The sprint results list determines the starting order for Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix.

World Cup summary:

1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull 189, 2. Sergio Perez, Red Bull 151, 3. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari 145, 4. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari 133, 5. George Russell, Mercedes 116, 6. Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes 94.

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