in tears

in tears

For the first time since taking gold in Winter 2021, Maren Lundby skated again. It happened at small Lysgårdsbakken in Lillehammer this morning.

Lundby has been open about his weight challenges. But now she is resisting.

– Why don’t you just celebrate your birthday with “Awda”? Talk about today. So happy to be back on Earth, I wrote on Twitter this evening.

Lundby tells Dagbladet:

– I felt that he was very nice, and that the time had come. When you do nothing for a while, the joy is so great.

Today, snowboarding is over 28 years old. Ringside at Lillehammer was the national team manager, Claes Brady Brathin.

I made four or five jumps and saw all the jumps. It was good to see her in her element. Bråthen tells Dagbladet that he was pleased to note that she had by no means forgotten about skating.

– You’re standing there with a lump in your throat and tears in the corner of your eye on a Wednesday morning in Lysgårdsbakken. Nothing happens except that there is a girl jumping on skates. Then you realize that this athlete meant more than the vast majority, says Brathen.

Gold: Maren Lundby took the gold at the big hill in Oberstdorf in 2021. Photo: NTB
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Lundby struggled to lose weight when she won WC gold at the big hill. But in the end, her body couldn’t stand it anymore, and she ended up gaining several kilos of WC gold.

Now she is resisting. The goal is to compete again in the winter.

– It started at 10 a.m., says Bråthen.

– I saw that Maren was happy. It was good to see that she is doing well after a difficult period. The longest jump was about 100 meters with the landing.

Does that mean she’s back forever?

– There is still a lot of work. But now she received an answer that she could jump on.

won – won: Maren Lundby was named “Name of the Year” at the Sports Gala. There I promised to return. Images courtesy of NRK.
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Lundby himself just feels comfortable:

– It took several hours after that before I was able to calm down. I was very excited and happy to be back. I also felt like I had something to do on Earth, I told Dagbladet.

The goal is to compete again either at Wisla at the beginning of November or at Lillehammer at the beginning of December.

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