Trump had top-secret nuclear documents in his basement

Trump had top-secret nuclear documents in his basement

When the FBI searched Donald Trump’s home, they found documents on defense and nuclear weapons of other countries.

The Mar-a-Lago private golf club is also the home of the former president.

Former President Donald Trump’s lawyer has been outraged by new leaks about the August 8 seizure of his home.

revealed Wednesday afternoon Washington Post The seizure also includes reports on another country’s nuclear weapons and defense plans. Which country is unknown. Nine countries have nuclear weapons.

The documents are supposed to be about intelligence operations that were so secret that very few people know about them. Only the president or a few members of the government can grant permission to others with a high security rating to read.

If the information skews, it can reveal the sources of the spies.

Private guard duty

These higher-authorization documents should only be shown to people who need the information. It is not enough to have the highest security rating.

The Washington Post wrote that documents should be kept in special high-security buildings.

“But such documents have been stored in Mar-a-Lago, under unclear security measures, for more than 18 months,” the newspaper wrote.

The FBI issued the search warrant, but large parts of it were redacted.

Constant leaks

The FBI and the Department of Justice received much criticism from the American right after they searched the former president’s home in Florida.

The fact that new information is constantly being leaked can help convince voters of its seriousness. It’s unfortunate that “the leaks continue to be completely without respect for the process and regardless of the truth. This does not serve the cause of justice,” Trump attorney Christopher Case told The Washington Post.

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Trump himself has more than hinted that the FBI planted evidence when they searched his home.

This week, Trump scored a victory in the judiciary. He demanded the appointment of a person to be subject to the seizure process to examine documents that the government is not entitled to see.

For example, there may be contacts between Trump and his attorney.

On Monday, Trump got that claim. Now the parties must agree on candidates they both trust, who can see nearly 13,000 documents.

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Did Trump declassify the documents?

In the president’s defense, his spokesmen said all documents were declassified before he took them with him.

As the chief administrator of the entire state apparatus, Trump can do just that.

Last week, Trump’s Attorney General William Barr was asked about it. he said to Fox News There is no good reason for the president to take the documents with him.

He denies the claim that they have been demoted.

– He said that if he really stands over so many chests he doesn’t quite know what they contain, and says he’s slashing all of them, it’s an irresponsibility almost worse than taking the boxes with him, he said.

In any case, the documents belong to the government and not the former president.

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