Now the billion AI will be revealed

Now the billion AI will be revealed

artificial intelligence

Minister of Research and Higher Education Eudmund Hoyle encourages cooperation.

Oddmund Hoel is happy that the billionth AI will now be revealed.

The Research Council grants up to NOK 850 million to four to six AI centres. Each center will be able to receive between NOK 75 and NOK 200 million.

In the first instance, applicants must submit an outline, after which there will be a major announcement with the application deadline planned for January 2025.

Secretary of State Eudmund Hoyle encourages collaboration between academia, business and the public sector.

Just Accredited Norwegian research organizations In binding collaborations with partners from other research organizations, business and/or public sectors can apply.

– If we want to use technology to achieve something positive and deal with the unfortunate consequences wisely, we need collaboration between academia, business and the public sector. I'm delighted that the Research Council is now highlighting the KI Billion win Howell in a press release.

artificial intelligence

This is how the billion will be used: The Research Council wants 4-6 AI centers

– There is no doubt that artificial intelligence creates significant opportunities and challenges. I worry that we have to be more specific when we talk about artificial intelligence. What does it mean, for example, for health and transportation? The minister continues: “We must implement this matter on the ground, and through the new centers that we are announcing now, we will work to develop new knowledge and use it.”

The Artificial Intelligence Center will receive a budget of NOK 850 million. The Ministry of Education states that the rest of the billion knowledge will be used, among other things, in research schools, international cooperation and coordination to support and connect the centres.

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Billion artificial intelligence

You must know how to use a billion artificial intelligence

Mandatory fee

It is the Research Council that will make the decision on who will receive the grant and become the four or six official Norwegian AI centers.

will be added Extensive application process: On 9 April, the Research Council invites you to an information meeting on the call for proposals, and later in April, meeting spaces for relevant partners will be set up in the AI ​​Centres.

Firstly, applicants must make a sketch, the deadline for submission is 7 June. The Research Council then promises to provide feedback as soon as possible and no later than mid-August.

New minister

Karianne Tong: We cannot achieve our potential without academia

Starting in August 2025

Main advertisement The deadline is January 15 of next year.

Applicants can only expect a response to their applications in June 2025. The centers will be able to start operating between August and December 2025. They must last for at least five years.

– Centera will move the research frontier within AI and build AI capabilities in the research and innovation ecosystem. Collectively, the center will leave a significant footprint for Norwegian AI research by addressing issues that require an interdisciplinary approach and that link research on societal consequences, technology development and innovation, says Marie Sundli Tveit, Managing Director of the Norwegian Research Council.

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