Now the starting shot goes to Hacktoberfest

Now the starting shot goes to Hacktoberfest

October isn’t just Halloween; Hacktoberfest!

For those who don’t know about Hacktoberfest, it is DigitalOcean’s annual event where they encourage people around the world to contribute to open source projects. You don’t have to be a professional developer to contribute.

This year Hacktoberfest celebrates its 10th anniversary, and over these years the event has grown from 676 participants in 2014 to nearly 147,000 last year.

Registration for this year’s Hacktoberfest is now open, on Thursday 5 October at 17:00 Norwegian time. Starting shot For the event in the form of an online event.

How to participate

How Hacktoberfest works is as follows:

  • Register For you between September 26 and October 31
  • Find one github– Or getlab– The project participates in Hacktoberfest
  • Fix a bug or contribute to the project in some way
  • Submit a withdrawal request

On this page You’ll find a how-to guide, whether you’re a professional developer or whether you need a beginner’s introduction to git and open source.

Anyone who accepts four withdrawal/merge requests between October 1 and 31 will receive a “unique digital reward.”»

From t-shirts to digital trophies

In previous years, you could get a free t-shirt if you opened five pull requests. For a year this led to many open source project maintainers receiving large amounts of poor quality pull requests. It could be something as trivial as changing a word in a readme file.

This year, DigitalOcean He went away from To send out t-shirts, and also to make the HacktoberFest concept more sustainable from an environmental point of view. Producing more than 50,000 shirts and shipping them around the world was a major logistical challenge, the company wrote. Many recipients also had to pay customs processing costs.

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Instead, Hacktoberfest has now created a digital gift pack that includes, among other things, a “badge” that changes when you contribute to pull/merge requests and get approved by those who maintain repo agreements.

In addition, you will be able to obtain other badges and various gifts from Hacktoberfest sponsors. Anyone who accepts four withdrawal/merge requests between October 1 and 31 will receive a “unique digital reward.”

Hacktoberfest will also plant a tree in your name for the first 50,000 participants who complete a pull or merge request.

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