– Now we know it was a lie – Dagsavisen

– Now we know it was a lie – Dagsavisen

The fact that Russia and President Putin launched a large-scale invasion of neighboring Ukraine last February was not surprising.

This was stated by former Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, during an event in the capital, Helsinki, before the end of the week.

It noted, among other things, that Vladimir Putin had deployed forces on the Ukrainian border in advance, according to what it quoted him as saying. swedish il.

– The deployment was allegedly part of an exercise. “Now we know it was a lie,” Marin said.

He believes that support for Ukraine should continue

It reveals that many heads of state were in contact with the Russian President to resolve the situation diplomatically.

– Many people spoke to Putin before the war started, and before the brutal attack, but he lied to everyone.

This is something to learn from, explained the former Finnish Prime Minister, who believes that democratic countries now “have to wake up and realize how authoritarian countries work, because they work in a completely different way.” She believes that the West’s support for Ukraine must continue, so that the war can end as quickly as possible.

In reference to Putin’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula

Marin believes that the West’s major failure over Russia and Ukraine came back in 2014, when Putin annexed Crimea.

If we (the West, editor’s note) had defended Ukraine more forcefully at the time, and imposed tougher sanctions on Russia, the invasion might have been avoided, Marin says.

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Former Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin attends the Slush 2023 Startup event in Helsinki, Finland on December 1, 2023. (Photo by Heikki Saukkomaa / Lehtikuva / AFP) / Finland OUT

Sanna Marin was Finland’s Prime Minister from 2019 to June this year. After losing the election this spring, she announced that she would step down as leader of the Social Democratic Party.

In September, she secured a position at the Tony Blair Institute. The institute is based in London and operates in more than 30 countries. Its purpose is to advise governments and political leaders on political issues, according to NTB.

note! On Tuesday, Dagsavisen wrote about experts who believe it could take decades to hold Vladimir Putin accountable. You can read about this case here.

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