NRK, Media | The cuts in NRK make Karin Marie Elfsen upset: – Enmari is sad

NRK, Media |  The cuts in NRK make Karin Marie Elfsen upset: - Enmari is sad

On Wednesday afternoon, it became known that NRK Sport would discontinue the traditional program Sportsrevyen, which has been on TV for over sixty years.

It’s sad, says longtime NRK personality Karen Marie Elefsen, who retired two years ago.

– I think it’s very sad. I have to say that, though, everything has changed and Sports Review never had the same job as it did when I started there.

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Early in her NRK career, she says, Sports Review was a weekend digest of the top things from sports. With sports news entering more broadcasts and on digital platforms, Sports Review has been further developed, says Ellefsen.

Sports Review early in her career at NRK, she says, was a rundown of the highlights from Sports Review from the weekend. As sports news entered more broadcasts, Sports Review was developed, says Ellefsen.

– It was a great opportunity to follow the achievements and present the performers, in key reports, says Ellefsen, who thinks it’s a shame that this arena is now gone.

Much greater demands on them

Ellefsen says it was great to lead Sports Review, especially in the early years she worked at NRK. The first appearance came during the break in the 1978 World Cup match between Scotland and the Netherlands.

– It was the flagship at NRK when it started there, as a summer replacement in 1978, she says.

On the part of NRK, the reason for the cancellation of the “Sports Review” was the tightening of financial frameworks and cuts in all departments of the Media House.

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Ellefsen says she expects to downsize since NRK decided to move on from Marienlyst. This decision was made in 2016.

She also learns that FRP and Commander Sylvie Listaug He proposed to cut the appropriation to NRK by three billion kronorwhich will cut the current budget in half.

– I don’t think of anything. NRK has a social mission that others do not. They must care about tradition and culture, and have a state-funded duty to put on a show for all. Therefore, their demands are much greater than those imposed on other media.

– I miss the job so much

The NRK veteran Ellefsen has retired since she had to leave NRK after turning 70, almost two years ago.

She clearly misses life at NRK.

– I miss the job so much. There is no doubt about that. Although I’ve done some little things elsewhere and miss the job socially and professionally, as long as I’m allowed to be healthy, I’m not allowed to complain, she said.

She compares entering the ranks of retirees to waking up.

Sometimes it feels like waking up from a good dream, where you find out that what you dreamed about isn’t true after all. For me, this is a bit unrealistic, says Ellefsen at the end.

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