NRK’s ​​new series will compete in Cannes – VG

NRK's ​​new series will compete in Cannes - VG
Main role: Nina Ellen Odegaard plays the role of Esther in the series.

The drama series “Etterglød”, which doesn’t air on NRK until the fall, was set for main competition during the International Comics Festival in Cannes in April.


This was announced at a press conference held in the French city today, according to reports NRK.

“Afterglow” is the only Norwegian series with ten nominees from around the world.

We are very happy and proud to have been chosen to compete in Cannes, says series creator and director Attlee Knudsen in a press release.

“This is a series in which a lot of the good people in the crew and the group gave so much of themselves to create a series that we want to be a fun and touching story for everyone,” he adds.

You can earn more

Afterglow is competing for an award in a number of categories, including best series and best actor.

“Twilight” is about a cheerful Esther who has just turned forty. She, her family, husband Arild, and the three teenage kids invite all their friends to a big party. But the party takes an unexpected turn when all the guests discover – by chance – that Esther has cancer.

The series creator himself suffered the loss of his wife to cancer.

“This isn’t a series about frustration and sadness, but a series about the joy of being able to live and do great things for the ones you love,” Atle Knudsen tells NRK.

Player pair: Thorbjørn Harr and Nina Ellen Odegaard.

Nina Ellen Ødegaard plays the lead role as Ester, while Thorbjørn Harr plays the husband.

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Other names in the cast are Sarah Khurrami, Per Kjerstad, Herman Sabado, and Han Skel Raytan.

The series, which consists of seven episodes, has received the English title “Twilight Lights” and will be shown for the first time in Cannes on April 5. If you win a prize, it will be cleared the next day.

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