Nvidia launches new AI chipset – E24

Nvidia launches new AI chipset – E24

Nvidia's president on Monday introduced Blackwell, a new graphics processor designed to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI).

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The first Blackwell chip is called the GB200 and will be available later this year, according to Nvidia's own conference. Bloomberg and CNBC write about it.

According to CEO Jensen Huang, Blackwell is “the engine that will drive the new industrial revolution,” and should be several times faster than its predecessor, Hopper, on centralized AI tasks.

– The hopper is great, but we need a bigger size GPUGPUGraphics processor.says Huang, according to CNBC.

It appears that Blackwell will form the basis for new computers and products used by the world's largest data center operators, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Oracle.

Nvidia started out as a graphics card manufacturer, but in recent years it has become the third most valuable company in the world, preceded only by Apple and Microsoft, due to its investment in artificial intelligence.

Data chips from Nvidia, for example the H100, are used by AI developers to develop models similar to those used by OpenAI to develop ChatGPT.

The company's total market value now stands at about $2.210 billion.

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