Ødegaard move: bring Dan Børge Akerø to the national team meeting

Ødegaard move: bring Dan Børge Akerø to the national team meeting
Quizdan: Dan Borg Akero ran a competition for the Boys National Team this week. Captain Martin Odegaard was the brains behind it.

ULLEVAAL STADION (VG) National team captain Martin Odegaard brought in the NRK legend to entertain his team mates just days before the encounter with Scotland.


He is a clear leader of this group on and off the field, and I am in contact with him at least every 14 days.

This is how Ståle Solbakken opened VG’s question about how he has seen Martin Ødegaard’s development as a leader and manager in recent years.

From being a remarkable talent who never spoke the biggest words among the press, Ødegaard was now a central figure in Solbakken’s crew. In addition to being the captain of Arsenal.

At Thursday’s press conference, Solbakken revealed that Ødegaard was the man behind submitting a highly publicized profile to the association.

– Yesterday it was Martin who arranged. Then he was the initiator of testing with the support team and players. Then Dan Borg Akiru came to the door and asked a few questions. It was totally even, Solbakken says with a smile.

In front of VG, the test host was very proud to be given the opportunity.

– I’m not shocked to be asked, but I’m very proud to be asked, Akerø tells VG.

He played football himself and played three matches with Skid in the first division. He was an unused reserve to the same team in the Cup Final against Viking in 1974.

The theme of the competition was, of course, international football. It was possible to get around 70 points in the exam, and Akiru was impressed with the level.

– The best got more than 60 points. These guys know what there is to know about international football. There were two teams with the same score, so we had to decide the matter with “sudden death”. There are impressively good testing skills within the team.

When asked by NRK who he admired the most, Solbakken replied:

– It was such a mixed team that I don’t want to single anyone out, however fake hairfake hairBård Wiggen, Solbakken’s assistant in the national team He wasn’t sharp at all, Solbakken says and smiles.

FindFindBård Finne, Fire and national team striker. It stands, he adds.

The winning team consisted of Ola Solbakken, Jørgen Strand Larsen, Leo Skiri Østigård, Frode Grodås (goalkeeper coach), Are Hokstad (administrative staff coordinator) and Christian Santiago Ankersen.

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Against Scotland on Saturday and Cyprus on Tuesday, Ødegaard is a natural choice in midfield for Solbakken. Almost ten years have passed since the young Ødegaard broke into Norwegian football, and since then his career has been closely followed by everyone who is interested in football.

– You’ve come a long way since Martin was 15 years old. I feel so. I was a little kid, thrown in by the media and the attention and all that. It just wasn’t easy. I’ve gained some experience and been through a lot. Then you become more mature, Odegaard says.


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