Olos Børs stock finished in the green, with traders' shares rising more than 25 percent

Olos Børs stock finished in the green, with traders' shares rising more than 25 percent

Danske Bank believes Oudvil technology It has the potential to pay twice the dividend. The stock rose 5 percent to 64.70 Norwegian kroner.

Helene Kvilhaug Brondbo cuts estimates and price targets i Good morning , but the stake is still DNB's best option in the field of renewable energy. The stock closed up 2.2 percent.

Pluschips It presented its fourth-quarter numbers on Monday morning, as the only company on the Oslo Stock Exchange to report on Monday. There, the company made a profit of $22.6 million and pays a dividend of 0.60 kroner per share. stock. The stock ended up 9 percent to NOK 22.40 based on the numbers.

in red

after Norbit Q4 numbers were presented last week, and the stock price soared. On Monday, it was reported that several insiders took advantage, selling Norbit shares. Among the sellers was technology director Arild Soroni, who sold 50,000 shares.

At the very least, Norbit's founder, Stephen Kirkness, sold a total of 2 million shares, worth NOK 62 each, increasing Kirkness's bank account by NOK 124 million.

Norbit shares fell significantly by 8.2 percent to NOK 65.20.

Arctic analyst Daniel Steinselt still recommends a buy Boros pistol After the target price was cut sharply. The stock fell 1.7 percent.

Whoever does not believe in hydrogen is… capsule -Director Wendy Lam. She sees many opportunities, but not in hydrogen. Shares in her listed company rose 2 percent on Monday.

Capsol's new president talks about the issue, US investments and the drop in the price of suits

02/19/2024 – Wendy Lam, new CEO of carbon capture company Capsol Technologies, says the drop in the price of allowances does not impact the long-term outlook for the industry. We discuss the matter, the company's new case, and the future outlook for the carbon capture industry.

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Pareto analyst Sander Lee allows himself to be impressed Salmon evolutionand he still sees a strong rise in the stock.

– A compelling case, Lee says in a recent analysis.

However, the share decreased by 0.9 percent.

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