On New Year’s Day, Tron dreamed: – I do not understand that this is the law

On New Year's Day, Tron dreamed: - I do not understand that this is the law

Tron celebrates the New Year with his family on Dustna Island, just outside Christiansund. There are kids, he has an idea.

He buys the largest firecracker battery available at a local store. The clock is approaching midnight. The company goes out, the air tears well into the clothes.

Turns on the Strand battery at a good distance from the audience. He goes back and stands in the middle of the audience waiting. They are waiting, but nothing happens.

– After a while I go to check, it shrunk when I was nearby.

One of the shots hit Tron’s glasses, which shattered and struck pieces of glass in the eye.

He stands on the ground while the remaining 59 shots fly above, creating the show that everyone is waiting for. But now fireworks are a barrier for those who want to help.

Once the bangs are finally over, the multi-hour milk path to the Mold Hospital begins.

The whole TV 2 helps you in the “Dangerous Celebration” episode you watch on Play.

To be banned

But it turns out that the eye is so damaged that it needs the treatment of a specialist. So Strand was taken to Ullevel University Hospital. There he underwent surgery by Rakhidur Prakadotri, an eye surgeon.

TV 2 will help you when Tron meets Raghunathur again, watch that meeting in the video at the top of the case.

Years later, she remembered the difficult surgery well.

– It took over three hours. Major damage to the cornea. The lens was damaged and the retina was completely loose. There were several pieces of glass in the eye, one of which was more than an inch long.

Advanced Equipment: During surgery, ophthalmologist Ragnheitur Prakadotir uses devices that can only be found in one place throughout Scandinavia. Photo: Sven-Erling Brusletto.

It has been almost 20 years since this incident happened, but it is not unique. Every year on New Year’s Day 10-20 people get serious eye injuries.

Tron Strand wants to ban private launch.

– I do not understand why it should be allowed. In addition, there is often alcohol in the film, and he says TV2 helps you.

Changed attitude in the national assembly

He was not the only one demanding the ban.

A study by the Directorate of Civil Defense and Emergency Planning found that 48 percent of respondents said they were opposed to the private use of crackers. 32 percent.

The Association of the Blind also conducted the study. There, 44 percent responded that they were against private missiles.

At a national meeting this fall, the association changed its approach to personal use of crackers.

– If we want to take it seriously, we have to go to the block. We want the private missile to be banned so that people do not lose sight of it unnecessarily, says union leader Derje Andre Olson.

Creates safe products

The industry sells crackers for about NOK 350 million every year. The Norwegian Fireworks Association says it is working to make the products safer.

– We get feedback from the market and create safer products with the same effect on New Year’s Day so that the customer will be safe and satisfied, says Rickard Spets, spokesman for the association.

He personally believes that exploding fireworks is not dangerous.

– It is safe for people to wear safety glasses and stay away from alcohol if they follow the instructions for using the product.

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